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About iC0dE Magazine

Hey Coders!

We are a community of programmers and people learning coding, and technical writing. We are creating articles and tutorials to help coders on their coding journey and help our authors master their technical writing skills. We are iC0dE.

iC0dE is a FREE online magazine written by VOLUNTEERS for DEVELOPERS. If you love coding, learning, sharing, and teaching then iC0dE should be your pathway to Software Development and Technical Writing.

iC0dE is FREE and would NEVER BE PAID!

We hope you find our content to be an invaluable part of your coding journey!

We'd like to say THANK YOU for supporting us in doing what we love, and allowing us to create content to read, watch and enjoy. Your donations allow us to make more great content more often and to make your coding journey a bit smoother. We are excited to teach and learn together!

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