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      About Iconic Photos

      Iconic Photos is a weekly series of blog posts that aims to educate readers about history, culture, and global politics using the medium of photos and photography. Our website is here.

      Iconic Photos began in 2009 as an offshoot of a college assignment. Since then, I have written over 1,000 blog posts, and covered a wide variety of topics -- historical, political, artistic, criminal, moral, psychological, sartorial, financial, and scientific aspects of issues and ideas from over 70 countries.

      Why Patreon? 

      As you may notice in last few years, I have been posting not so frequently on Iconic Photos. But I want IP to go on for a long time and be sustainable. Linking a monetary value to a new post (not a 'monthly salary' -- which is another way of doing Patreon) should give me some incentive to write more, and at least cover part of my research budgets (photography books, library subscriptions, etc.) 

      I had tremendous fun researching and writing Iconic Photos. I would not have been doing this for several years if I did not. I also feel what I wrote was worth sharing, and was worth writing. I had in my mind a vague idea about a history book -- educating people history using photographs -- similar to this book I mocked up for an April Fool a few years ago. Throughout most of its short history, photographs were supposed to be tangible mementos, not ones and zeros pixelled on a screen. A book will be a nice way to honor that, as well as a pleasant coffee table piece to touch and stumble upon. In order to make that happen, I need funding. 

      I don't think ads are the way to go. I took Iconic Photos off free wordpress site a few months ago because the ads were bothering me. 
      Thanks for all your support all these years!

      14 of 100 patrons
      When I reach 100 patrons, I’ll get an editor to help me review the past writings on Iconic Photos and update and improve them. Also, I will gift out photography books to a few lucky patrons.  
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