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You rolled that dice! Sure it's a one, but ones are useful.
Our heartfelt thanks and access to our Patreon-only posts. In this day and age, a sincere “thank you” is worth its weight in gold, believe you me.
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Who doesn't love a d6!  Especially when you can roll lots of them for damage. 

According to an article I found online, this is the optimum "lowest-level" of support; it's more supportive than $1 as well as being more affordable and comfortable than $5. It's the perfect happy medium.

If you support us at this level, I will try to find the link to that article and send it to you.

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This is the dice of fighters, those who wield the axes and unique weapons.
Along with the previous levels' rewards, receive a public “thank you” on one of our shows and on our website, as well as access to a private Discord chat just for Q&A with cast and crew for a behind-the-scenes look at our shows.
All patrons will receive:
> A public thank you in an episode and on our website
> Early access to episodes
> Participation in polls for episode topics
> Access to a private Discord chat just for Q&A
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About Iconic Production

Welcome to the new Iconic Production Patreon Page! For those who’ve supported us since we started, don’t worry--It’s still us! Things may look a little different, but that’s because we are providing more content to meet the desires of our growing audience! We are expanding under our new umbrella--Iconic Production--to produce RPG and TTRPG videos, editing, podcasts, and more, for a variety of games. Our live streams feature RPG playthroughs of new and upcoming games, old favorites, and some hidden gems. And our podcast lineup is expanding to include Dames and Dice, a show that focuses on female gamers’ perspectives on everything from gaming to their place in the gaming community at large.

Things sure have changed for us since 2014, when J-M, Nick, and Mark had the crazy idea that they could share their love of RPG’s, and specifically 13th Age, with all of you. The Iconic Podcast is still alive and well, now with J-M, Nick, Mark, and Becca, and it will continue for as long as we can provide you with valuable content. We want to continue to produce a top-notch show, and we have some new ideas for how we can contribute even more to the 13th Age gaming community. You can rest assured that your pledge will continue to support Iconic Podcast; however, we hope you share our excitement that it will now also support our expanding group of talented writers, actors, producers, artists, editors and content creators, as we bring you more ways to enjoy Iconic Production.

Thank you for becoming a patron and joining our Iconic Production community. Your support means we get to continue our dream and helps us expand for the future. If you’re here, you understand the incredible amount of time and talent we invest on a weekly basis. And you know we couldn’t do this without your support. So let’s explore new worlds, pass through the portals to unknown realms, and breathe in the adventure.

Check us out at http://www.iconicproduction.us
$188.11 of $300 per month
If we make it to this goal, we'll take those PDFs we've created, commission some art for them, and make them available to the public on DriveThruRPG.  We'll also be able to afford better software to accommodate remote game play. 
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