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Welcome to the Patreon home of Icons of Motoring, your source for no-nonsense history explaining the why, how and when of the world's greatest cars! Aside from telling the stories of cars that I see myself, I take requests and write smaller, easy-to-digest articles on some of the more obscure machinery.

I hope you enjoy reading and thank you if you consider pledging!
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For those who enjoy my content, and want to support my endeavours! Patrons at this level will be able to request two articles per month about cars of their choice!

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For those who really love what I'm doing, and want a bigger say in the kind of content I produce. Patrons at this level will be able to request longer articles (i.e. cars with an in-depth story) as well as retrospectives.

The same two articles as before still applies, added to which is either a longer article or a retrospective.

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For those who want to see me take this further and hopefully make this my career! I would be so grateful if you were to pledge at this level, and I would give you access to my personal archive as well as various registries I subscribe to. This would be on a to-know basis, but questions are welcome anytime!

The article requests as before still apply.

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