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This will get you access to the exclusive content feed. This is where I will post exclusive footage from classes and seminars,  behind the scenes pictures, stories and share outtakes and bonus footage from any videos I release that month. We will also occasionally poll you for video ideas and then steal them. If you are really into Icy Mike or hard2hurt or any of that shit... this is for you.

You also get access to a monthly AMA-type live chat here on Patreon where things will get WEIRD.

Monthly Private Consultation
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We're going in deep... all the way deep. If you have specific questions about fitness, martial arts, self-defense or any other subject on which I am qualified (or even unqualified) to discuss, you can hit me up directly to discuss your personal situation once per month.

If you're having trouble losing weight, getting stronger, or you want me to check out a video of you hitting the heavy bag or sparring and give pointers, this tier is for you. I will review monthly videos and reports of your progress and help you adjust and plan your training.

(Contact via Instagram is preferred)

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This is the most important type of patronage... because this money goes directly to making videos. This tier gets you a Producer credit and a link in one of the videos I release each month. Why is this important? Because that credit is there for the life of the video.  I don't know how long that is but your business or whatever I link will probably die before the video will. Thanks so much!

There are currently only four spots available for video producers, but that will change in the future so keep checking back.



About Icy Mike

So... I'm a dick. Everyone knows this. I'm really a huge dick... like colossal. But that doesn't mean I can't say "thank you" when I really feel that way. This platform is going to be super important for me, my "brand" (blech) and the YouTube channel.

It is extremely difficult to make a living in fitness and martial arts when your entire philosophy is based on a no-bullshit approach... because bullshit is what sells in both those industries. Your patronage is what's going to allow me to create and bring you information and entertainment without constraints. I won't have to cater to advertisers, I won't have to try and sell you cream you rub on your body to make you skinnier... I won't have to lie and tell you Aikido is real... I can just tell you the truth.

Also... I can keep being a dick.
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Once we are earning $400/month, that guarantees we will be able to release one high quality video every week. It will free me up to scale back my one on one training, and let me reach a broader audience (that's you). The biggest thing I need to bring you guys the content you want is time, and this buys us some.
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