ida, lich tyrant

is creating social media/general service hosting
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ill let you sign up to anything i host as soon as i know it's stable, so around a week or so after i initally start providing it.

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you can get access to any service i run as soon as i get it up, big or small, just ask.

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ill host something for you, just about anything, granted its not too out of scope or intensive.




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im a shitposty sysadmin from phoenix arizona, i host lotsa stuff (namely mastodon on isnotalive) on mostly other people's servers as a labor of love. but sadly i have to pay for some expenses myself despite being neet. at the moment its mainly buying myself medication every so often, which i need to be functional enough to run things. it would also be really nice if all the hosting could become self sufficient so i could later become more flexible with my infrastructure, and improve performance and stability of all the services i run.
$65 of $80 per month
all the tertiary services (email, pleroma, funkwhale, etc) are now self sufficient!
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