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Ideal Sports & Games is an emerging hub for sports and trading enthusiasts who are looking for something different, something more expansive and equitable than what is currently being offered in the prevailing physical reality. Many real-world sports leagues, both professional and collegiate, offer limited opportunities when it comes to scheduling, postseason and number of teams. And real-world trading platforms are heavily skewed towards the big players to the detriment of individual day traders. (See here for a scathing indictment of these practices.) So much more is possible, which is the overriding theme of Ideal:

So Much More Is Possible.

Ideal's raison d'etre - our entire reason for being - is centered on expansion, opportunity and a level playing field. The changes you've always thought should be made to the aforementioned sports and trading systems, those what-if's and how-about's....yeah, we bring those to life. Our initial sports offering is college football, which can be accessed at, and our initial trading offering is Ideal GemTrader, the world's first simulated gemstone trading game.

And we're not stopping with college football and gemstone trading. Coming soon is currency trading, college basketball, baseball, hockey, international soccer and professional cycling. There is literally no ceiling to what can be crafted into reality, and we intend to bring it all forth in interactive game-based formats.

Beyond sports and trading game platforms, Ideal will also be delving into society and politics and technology and culture. We will be delving into Everything. We aim to bring the world to a higher place, a wondrous space, where anything that can be imagined and envisioned can - and will - be brought into existence.

You are now able to immerse yourself in this Ideal world, to be a pioneer of an entirely new experience. We offer discussions, forums, polls, contests and games of skill. Look for our upcoming members-only bonus content. Ideal is a work-in-progress, but as this fleshes out you could even win cash and prizes.

Your support is crucial in getting Ideal off the ground. Take a look around, tell us what interests you, get a feel for what we're offering. You might even help craft the direction of Ideal as it grows and takes hold in society. We invite you to join us in this Ideal community and experience what is possible when we remove limitations from our thinking.

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