Irina Ideasrex is creating multidisciplinary Art via paintings, futurism, writings, music

Welcome 2 Ideasrex planet

$2 /mo
  • Exclusive access to my dreams and Thank you credit name at the end of each video  you get access to patreon only feeds and community where I am opening my subconscious min...

What ideasrex sees and hears

$8 /mo
  • Visual= you get 30 of my latest landscape photos published on instagram (I publish 30+ photos per month) and you have my blessing to use them anywhere on the web be it blo...

Ideasrex written power

$18 /mo
  • Writing You will have exclusive access to the written articles from before they are published on the web, typically 1 to 3 weeks ahead of their life on th...

Ideasrex travels imaginary and real

$28 /mo
  • Iguide - 1 traveling ebook with 100+ photos per month from my travels with all the tips, tricks and advices from the places I have visited, explored and shared the history...

Ideasrex world includes You

$75 /mo
  • Visual - Music -Writing -Ebook - Iguide as explained above
  • Serious community building and creating art, future and thoughts together

Ideasrex is palpable

$500 /mo
  • Painting - you get one of my painting of your choice even though the price on my website is ranging from 300 to 1000, as a Patreon supporter you in effect get either the mo...