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Just Me and My Hobby! Learning, Sharing and Caring for the Miniature Wargaming Community

All of my content is free to everyone!

The Wonders of Warhammer 40k

Legion of Gamza Community Head Council Member.

My Channel is all about Warhammer 40k. The content on it will include Battle Reports, Army Lists, Conversions, Magnetising, Painting, Tactics and lots of General Hobby Tips. I have been into the hobby since 2001 and my first and largest army is Necrons. I also have Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tyranids and Space Wolves. I am currently working on a new Slaanesh based army.

Your donation will go toward my YouTube Channel and its future content. It is very much appreciated and I feel honoured that you are supporting me and my hobby in this way

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I am working towards new gaming mats and different terrain for my battle reports and to improve my lighting.
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