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IDIOTEQ is a DIY online magazine covering some of the hardcore punk and rock music scene: a home for screamo, post hardcore, hardcore punk, post metal, alt & indie rock, experimental music, alt rap, and more genres.

👤 IDIOTEQ is a one man operation, working tirelessly to cover independent bands, and to spotlight local cultural scenes all around the world.

My mission is to blend rookies and underrated bands with well-known acts, to create more engagement and connection with artists that deserve a broader recognition.

📢 IDIOTEQ gives DIY artists the space they deserve, with bands and musicians which often go unreported by other media. I believe that hard working artists deserve high quality coverage of their work and this has been my mission since the early 00s, when the first incarnations of IDIOTEQ were born.

🚫 IDIOTEQ is free of ads and I’d like to keep it that way. IDIOTEQ is a place to get inspired, learn more about independent artists and their perspectives, not a place for advertising.
  1. With no-ads policy and mission to give independent artists space they deserve, I’m doing my best to keep IDIOTEQ alive and get some help with covering my costs.
  2. Your potential generosity to this project means a lot and all the artists that can be still supported by IDIOTEQ. More about my reasons is explained below.
  3. 100% of the funds I collect will go toward maintaining and improving this magazine.
  4. Every contribution is super valuable. Please donate and support IDIOTEQ from as little as $1.

💬 The name: IDIOTEQ (not to be confused with IdiotEQ) (pronounce “idiotec”) is a phonetic transcription of the word Idioteque – the act of suddenly going into a crazy, seizure like state. A vision of a society, where people are increasingly more obsessed with pointless technology, selfishness and mindless entertainment than life itself. Radiohead inspired.

📷 @deradoom | Black Sabbath Cover Band Rehearsal at @saintvitusbar | NYC | Jan 2019 - Photo by the one and only Becky DiGiglio Photography - be sure to follow her amazing work here on Facebook or<wbr>yourethenight

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