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About IDKwhat

First off: THANK YOU for taking the time to check out IDKwhat. Dozens - & dozens - of Pacific Northwest drag queens thank you, too!

We are Jenna St Croix, the founder of IDKwhat - a Seattle-based project designed to do three things:

1. We want to create profitable platforms for our local drag performers - & other queer artists!

Drag is expensive. Did you know that you can work a full-time day-job & still be a starving artist, pinching pennies & living on ramen to pull off your next gig? There are many factors that contribute to the starving artist status quo, & even in the most progressive communities, creating change has all the usual limitations of time & space. 

IDKwhat believes that well-paid artists will produce art that is not only just as good as the work they produced at minimal to no compensation, but perhaps even better. No, probably better. No, definitely better, & for oodles of reasons. Our goal is to be able to provide our artists production stipends - in addition to a healthy performance fee - offsetting the cost for things like wardrobe, make-up, & props. These funds mean that artists won't have to cut corners on their biggest & boldest ideas. Stipend money will support even more queer artists: Wig stylists & costume designers will get commissions. Make-up artists will be called in to work their magic. Editing geniuses will be solicited to build tracks & playlists. Dollars will get passed to back-up dancers & stage kittens. Everybody eats.

2. We want to create platforms for artists & performers who are underrepresented &/or exist at multiple intersections.

Drag has achieved mounting pop culture success over the last decade - however that mainstream exposure only represents the rainbow-sequined tip of the genderfucking iceberg that is drag. Seattle is lucky to have a rich & complex community of drag performers of all forms, identities, & configurations. We prove that gender isn't a spectrum; it's a sandbox. 

IDKwhat aims to boost the visibility of trans, nonbinary, & genderfluid artists. Reserving safe & financially profitable spaces for PoC is a privilege as much as it's a responsibility.

3. We want to deliver all this opulent queer art directly to you. We want to make it easy for you to not only support a local (if not your local) scene, but to engage with it on your terms. 

You are part of our community, too, person with kids & person who has to work in the morning. You are our fam as well, underage person, & person who lives in the suburbs, or out of state, or without dependable transportation. We love & need you, too, person who can't or won't attend the show physically due to social anxiety or zero spoons or any other reason that is none of our business. We value you & want to accommodate you.

To that end, IDKwhat will post regular content from the local scene, as well as post - & eventually stream - our monthly live show, which kicks off May 11, 2018. As patronage grows, we have a whole series of goals designed to increase profit & opportunity for artists while upping the range & caliber of content for the patron. We want to create & provide a variety of content that allows you to not just see these artists' works, but to interact with & get to know them. Candid video segments & interviews will give casual patrons a deeper look into individual artists' process. Higher level patrons will have opportunities to vote their favorite performers into special guest spots/interview segments/webseries & participate in livestream AMAs. 

But who is Jenna St Croix, though?

Jenna is the former fairy godperson & freelance archivist of the Seattle drag scene. (Our YouTube features over 1,400 numbers from over 100 different shows & events; our drag Insta is thousands of photos deep.) After attending & documenting hundreds of shows, we have been searching for ways to create more & better opportunities for performers & audiences, & IDKwhat is the brainchild of that ambition. 


Thank you, thank you, thank you again for reading/watching. Let's make really cool drag together!
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When IDKwhat reaches $1,000/mo, we will purchase an event livestream camera, to bring you, our patrons, maximum viewing pleasure as we broadcast our monthly show. We'll be able to pay queer artists & event photographers to create original posters & promos.
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