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About Lyon Team

Hey, we're the Lyon Team. We're currently creating our first indie video game, entitled If Only.
Makoto is a young 24 year old detetive. One day, she comes home after a long tiresome day of work, and sees his 17 year old brother shot in the head. His corpse was lying on the ground, and so were the corpses of his friends lying around him. Makoto didn't realize what was actually going on, she heard a noise, and as soon as she turned around, she got knocked. And then, black out. She wakes up in a hospital. On moonday, she asks his boss if she can go investigate in the school. He refuses. She's hopeless.
Much more motivated than she has ever been before, she decides to go undercover at his highschool to investigate about his death, thinking that the murderer might be in there. But she has to maintain a good reputation to not let the others discover who she really is. Lots of things happen to her and you'll guide her through her journey. Are you sure you'll keep the secret?

Here's a game design document if you'd like to know more!
And here's the game's development blog.

We have been developping the game since may 2017 but never had any financial support to help us with the development.

We hope the game interests you!
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If we hopefully reach 500$, we'll work more on the game and will show you more progress videos instead of blog posts. We'll show you as maximum progress as we make, maybe 1 or 2 videos per week. With that money, we'll also buy new softwares, new hardwares, and such to help us improve the quality of the game and videos.
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