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I am a guitar player, singer and composer. 
In my Patreon you can find exclusive material and special content for all my members. 
I will create:

  • One new lesson each week on my YouTube Channel 
  • A new original song with my band Silent Utopia each month
  • A new original song every month
  • A new original instrumental song every 2 months 
  • 6-8 Blog articles each month

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  • Access to Lessons Tabs, Diagrams, Transcriptions, Backing Tracks
  • Stems and Backing Tracks of my songs
  • Access to tabs and lessons, my studio patches and sounds
  • Mp3 and HQ audio of my original music 
  • The opportunity to introduce ideas for new music and new videos
  • The opportunity to ask me any question and I will answer by written response!

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