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About Ignorance is #Blessed

Hey Idiot! (That's you! And me! And everyone sometimes!)

First of all, if you're here, thank you for supporting me and my podcast, Ignorance is #Blessed. Even if you're only considering becoming a patron, the fact that you listen really warms my heart. It's truly a pleasure attempting to overcome ignorance by asking ignorant questions to all of my podcast guests and I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoy creating them.

If you've stumbled on this page by accident, here's a little rundown of what I'm creating: My name is Jessica Michelle Singleton (@JMScomedy if you see me on social media) I'm a professional, internationally touring stand up comedian and I host a podcast called "Ignorance is #Blessed" where I interview guests from all walks of life and ask ignorant questions as a way to learn and get past misconceptions (and also for the entertainment of those who enjoy cringing when I ask things like "Why can't I say the N word?" and "Are you sure you're not just making up your (fill in the blank with various mental illnesses)?"

I try to keep most conversations light enough for laughs but we do get deep sometimes so it's technically a Society & Culture podcast rather than a comedy one. Luckily for those who enjoy comedy, I make a joke out of literally everything in life. AND if you want more of my comedy, I post exclusive clips of it here on Patreon and at the top tier subscription level, offer free tickets to shows!

I created this Patreon to help fund the production costs the podcast which is more with my schedule getting busier because I've had to hire someone to start editing the sound (if you've noticed an improvement, spoiler alert: it's not because I got better at sound engineering). I pay by episode and am trying to put more out regularly so it adds up. Between this and my medical bills for trying to keep my Rheumatoid Arthritis at bay (UGH) and live entertainment basically being at a stand still thanks to COVID, there's a LOT more money going out than coming in. I usually make a living as a stand up comedian which is SO much fun but as of right now, isn't a crazy lucrative job, even when the world is open--that's life at the top of the bottom of the comedy ladder. I'm basically "entry level" salary to a profession that has no rules and no paid time off. Plus I would love to be able to fund other content/cool projects in the future for your entertainment so I thought, why not? 

I am genuinely thankful to anyone who comes here and pledges even a dollar as I am still working on developing the self-worth skills necessary to believe anyone would actually love me or my work enough to invest in me. So congratulations on helping me break that barrier and thank you for participating!

62% complete
Okay so if you've been following the podcast, you know I have a tendency to fall off for a couple weeks and go MIA. (Although, I think I've gotten better.)

If I reach my first goal I'll be able to afford and guarantee weekly episodes AND at least two bonus (patrons only) episodes a month, instead of just the guaranteed one. These episodes will be mostly AMA type things until we hit the next goal where I will bring on guests. So if you wish I was more on top of this, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO FORCE ME INTO BEING MORE ACCOUNTABLE BY MAKING THIS SOMETHING I AM NOT LOSING MONEY DOING.

And if we don't get to that goal, no harm done. I just will continue to only feel crippling pressure from myself that nobody else is applying.
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