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About Igor Brezhnev

Hello and welcome!

My name is Igor Brezhnev. Here's a little bit about what I do. I write poetry. My work centers around themes of houselessness, belonging, mental health, small and large things in the emotional landscape of our time. Once in a while I add a healthy dollop of nonsense to otherwise stark subjects. I believe that through sharing our stories we learn not only to connect with our own unvoiced emotions, but to empathize with emotions of others, and ultimately make the changes that make lives better. I have authored three books so far: 'the book of possibilities' (2012), 'dearest void' (2016) and 'america is a dry cookie and other love stories' (2018). In December of 2018 I have recorded a full length poetry album titled 'Good Days & Bad Days' at Shady Pines Studio, which you can listen to at igorbrezhnev.bandcamp.com

My most recent series of poems, titled 'nights since'documents the experience of being houseless. Every night since January 18th of 2019 I have written a poem. The first 33 poems were released in a chapbook 'nights since volume one', poems written on nights 34 through 66 are being released in the next chapbook in the series 'nights since volume two'. You can pre-order the volume two on my website. I'm using the proceeds from this series of work to support myself and establish a new small press—Lightship Press. The first chapbook has allowed to get a 100 IBSN numbers and put out the first book on the press: 'Homesick Season' by Kate Leddy. The second will be used to set up a website for the press and if there are enough orders send more poets to record their work in a studio in the Fall of 2019. I also host Wordlights, a weekly poetry evening held at the Rocking Frog Cafe (Portland, OR), featuring local and touring poets, and creating space for poets to perform at a poetry open mic.   

Why a patreon:

I am a full time artist and organizer of poetry and music events. I use my time to create and support creations of other poets. Your support will allow me to continue my work, offset expenses involved in organizing poetry events, write more, help publish more poets, record high quality audio of my poetry, and perhaps even afford to rent a room and end almost six month period of houselessness.

I am still thinking up ways to thank you for your support, so if you have something you'd like to receive as tokens of gratitude for your patronage drop me a line at www.igorbrezhnev.com.



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