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A Fair Go

The freedom to choose how to pursue a meaningful life in line with commonly agreed international community expectations.

Your healthcare to feel:
  • Accessible
  • Appropriate
  • Safe and effective
  • Efficient
  • Acceptable

Individual Ambassador Patron

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  • Exclusive content
  • Invitation to consumer consultation
  • Patron-only voting power / requests/ feedback
  • Public recognition (with your permission) opportunities for your contribution to voluntary community health awareness programs
  • And everything in the previous tier

You agree to:

  • Shape community patient healthcare expectations for the greater good
  • Publicly recognise and protect healthcare providers who operate within commonly agreed healthcare standards and ethics
  • Ensure local agencies facilitate an open and transparent responsible self-regulated healthcare system by letting us know in accordance with a commonly agreed international code of conduct

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Individual Health Industry Ambassador

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  • Tax-deductible (check with your professional adviser)
  • Support the creation of a patient-centred sustainable and socially responsible international healthcare system
  • Establish  peer-reviewed commonly agreed on specialist and multi-disciplinary international healthcare standard and ethics
  • Promote patient-centred multi-disciplinary care
  • Promote trusted international accreditation and mutual recognition of qualifications and skills in192 countries
  • Promote trusted international mutual recognition of quality accredited healthcare goods and services and agencies in 192 countries. Expedite sovereign country pre-approval process
  • Promote internationally standardised timely, meaningful and useful healthcare information that promotes interoperability across digital platforms and agencies with patient consent
  • Promote funding models that incentivise wellness and not sickness 
  • Provide collaborative teaching and research funding and global networks to smaller underpowered research projects
  • Reduce unnecessary red tape, litigation and reduced malpractice insurance premiums
  • Promote and provide legal support for alternative disputes resolution via professional bodies. Fairly expedite patient/provider and professional complaints. Reduce unnecessary litigation
  • Patron recognition
  • Patron-only voting power / requests/ feedback and collaboration tools
  • Livestream recording or Q&A
  • Invitations to industry events and key Board or Committee roles
  • And everything in the previous tiers

You agree to:

  • Do no intentional harm to patients/clients/customers
  • Protect a patient’s freedom of choice with internationally peer-reviewed holistic and evidenced-based healthcare information that patients can understand and trust
  • Promote and provide healthcare services that voluntarily observe and enforce open and transparent commonly agreed international healthcare standards and ethics promulgated by your recognised professional body.
  • Promote and support the values and principles of the project. For example, discussing it with your peers and sharing on social media.

This category applies to: 

Any individual seeking endorsement that pays for or sells healthcare goods or services directly or indirectly to patients including but not limited to:

Doctors, dental, allied health
NGO's, hospitals, disability, aged care
Research, teaching, educational and professional bodies
Hardware, software and medical device suppliers and health-related manufacturers
Public and private health insurance and government agencies or approved health-related organisation e.g. food and biosecurity 




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