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Hi there! I'm Iiro (not Liro, but it's fine - I'm used to it!). Nice to e-meet you.

I've been meddling around with Flutter since the early alpha days of 2017. I got super excited about it and started one of the first blogs about Flutter at flutter.rocks (now iiro.dev).

Nowadays, I'm a Google Developer Expert for both Flutter and Dart. I've been working full-time for the past 2 years at Reflectly. As a front-end lead, I help to deliver our Flutter app to 10 million users.

There are plenty of interesting things about Flutter I'd love to share, but right now they're collecting dust as draft articles. Since writing blog posts is not an acceptable currency at my favorite pizza place (yet!), here we are.

All your donations go into helping me share about interesting Flutter and Dart stuff I encounter at my day job.
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