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is creating cartoonishly colorful inventive illustrations!
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About ikks nayhelm

Hi! My name is Ikks, a character designer and visual developer. Take a look at the works posted on this very Patreon or my Tumblr for examples!

This Patreon is a recurring monthly tip jar that allows me to work on my varied projects at my own rates. Backers of higher tiers will also get access to content such as sketches, full-res images, and layered file downloads.
If you'd rather support me more directly, please do contact me here, on Twitter, or via email to ikksnay at gmail with commission inquiries-- and if my style isn't quite right for you, no worries-- heck, thank you for reading this far! Here are my recommendations!

If you'd like to support me and my art in another way, hey, thank you so much! Consider connecting with me on Twitter and letting me know what you think of my work, or browsing my Tumblr and reblogging, tweeting, or otherwise sharing your favorite pieces with your friends. I love hearing and seeing discussion of my work!

I really do love my backers. Their generosity allows me to work confidently and happily. Thank you so much!

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