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American Spy
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Thank you for your support!  You'll be able to download high-resolution (300DPI) versions of the released pages and I'll put your name in the credits page of each comic chapter end.
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On top of a chapter-end credit page namedrop and high-res (300DPI) downloads:

  • Extra Content: Get my works in progress, sketches, and process breakdowns
  • Discounts: Get a 10% discounts on any commissions
  • Read Ikon Early: Read up to 5 pages ahead before they're released!
  • Discord Buddies: We can chat on le Discord server.
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On top of chapter-end credit page namedrop, early access, Discord access, extra content, and high-res downloads: 

  • Discounts: 25% discounts on any commissions 
  • Gift Art:  I'll email you a custom, flat-color digital drawing of a character of your choice (it can be your own OC, a character from another work, an Ikon character, it's up to you!) 




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About Miss Elaney

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Hi, I'm Miscellany and I make an ongoing, free-to-read webcomic called Ikon.  It's a mid-90s crime fic about a counterfeiter who gets pulled into the art smuggling world as he pulls his family through hard times in a world full of professional crooks.  The comic updates every other Wednesday.

I'd love to be able to put more time into this comic so that I can update it every single week, so please consider pitching in!  Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy and share my work!
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A Discord Server!  I'll throw some of my assorted concept art or sketches at it and we can ramble at each other about art, comics, and fun things like vidja games, music and movies. 
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