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Thank you for joining! I am honored to share my heart with you and to get a chance to experience yours. <3
You get to download self-produced, new original music every month, and access older works, released & unreleased, professionally recorded & home recorded (now you really get to know me... :/ ) Also, read & discuss exclusive posts about the lyrics and other philosophy, as well as engage with other wonderful like-minded people. Contribute as much as your heart feels called. Your contribution and presence is truly the support that ignites my work!

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In addition to new audio tracks, archives, writings and exclusive posts, this very super special reward gives you the visual experience. Your support at this level is enabling me to fully expose myself in lyric and song, giving you a glimpse into my practice/compositional world, and offering you more engagement in the music. Also at this level: requests welcomed!
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This tier is for music students or enthusiasts who would like personalized tips for their music practice. This option gives you the opportunity to chat with me via phone, text, or when in person to ask questions and receive guidance on any issue in your music practice that is troubling you! I will be your consultant! You can take advantage of this as much as needed :)




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About Ila Cantor

Welcome Humans!

(I’ll keep this simple.)

This page is for all who have expressed –and continue to express– interest in my songs & approach to music.

This is a way for you to stay connected to my process, and a way for me to stay connected to you.

By making a monthly commitment to my endeavors, you are stating that you gain benefit or inspiration from my work and together we are collectively claiming a place for it in the world. You are also exploring the inevitable accountability required for healthy, happy relationships (in this case, you and me!) to flourish.

By making a monthly commitment to delivering music & educational content to you, I get to explore the value & volition of my artistic expression, as well as the inevitable accountability required for happy, healthy relationships (in this case, me and you!) to flourish.

I’m not trying to sell you things,
I’m trying to make myself available to you

I’m trying to make myself available to you
through my authentic, creative expression;
providing the opportunity for an honest connection.

I’ve designed tiers for all levels of participation, inviting you to collaborate in a way that perfectly represents your need or desire to support.

That way I can create content that perfectly represents our mutual benefit.

Keeping us both healthy and happy :)

This should be a win-win,
so let’s win!

Lovingly &
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Reaching this magical number calls for a patron only house concert / potluck / cuddle puddle. Free back rubs and serenades on me ;)
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