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My name (online) is Ilexys Crowe. I'm an artist, writer and blogger living in the Greater Seattle Area.

My specialty is digital 2D artwork, but I also write fiction and do a lot of blogging on the subjects of art, art technique and pop-culture franchises and genres that I care about. I am a lifelong fan of the horror and mystery genres.

So what brings you to Patreon?

I work 40 hours a week as a tech industry TVC (aka, the bottom of the pyramid), and it's becoming increasingly difficult to afford to live in Western Washington. This place has been my life-long home and an inspiration for my art and writing, which is a large part of my life outside of work, and I would hate to leave it because the wage/cost-of-living gap becomes too great.

I'm also tired of working at a tech job where my creativity is neither seen nor valued, and I would like to give the creative half of my life more breathing room.

What I hope to achieve on Patreon is to share my creative projects with those who willing to help me make them all that they could be, and to give back where I can.

What kind of projects are you working on?

I currently have two original projects in the works:

The Chronicles of Mäthalun
has been in development since 2014, and I'm finally getting around to putting the years of world-building to draft!

It's a dark fantasy/horror/soft sci-fi endeavor that takes place thousands of years after humanity has gone extinct. Their descendants--an elven species known as the Emer--struggle to regain what was lost to the past in order to move forward from a dystopian and strictly segregated society. 

(pending title)

This is a relatively new project born out of my love for small-town horror. 

GALE takes place in Washington State. The story follows a 40-year-old cold case of a teenage Seattle girl who went missing while going to a campground with her parents for 4th of July. Nobody knows what happened to her, except that she went missing in the woods around the elusive town of Grey Falls, just north of Snoqualmie. A young journalism major travels to Grey Falls to find answers, but may have found more than she wanted.

What's in it for me?

Well, first and foremost, my gratitude! It's a difficult road getting support for projects that are not fully baked yet, and I'm appreciative in epic amounts for your contribution, no matter how small!

Of course, there are benefits for all tiers, as I do want to give back to my supporters as much as I'm able:  

 ✧ Patron  

  • Access to exclusive finished work that will never be made freely available to the public.
  • Access to the patron exclusive feed.
  • A promo/shout-out on social media to give thanks, as well as public recognition as a supporter of my work.

 ✦ Fan ✦ 
  • All lower-tier benefits.
  • Access to exclusive work-in-progress snapshots of artwork.
  • Access to blog posts about project inspiration, important project updates and musings/ramblings.
  • Access to Evidence Locker content for GALE.
  • Access to polls (will be made available after reaching 5 patrons!).

 ☆ Sponsor  

  • All lower-tier benefits.
  • Access to early writing drafts (including disgusting initial rough drafts).
  • Access to in-depth posts about character development and world-building for projects.
  • 5% off all commission quotes for the duration of backing.
  • Additional promo/shout-out on social media promoting your own projects, websites, and social media hubs.

 ★ Benefactor ★ 
  • All lower-tier benefits.
  • 10% off all commission quotes for the duration of backing.

 ? New ? 

  • [Will unlock, based on feedback of all supporters, after hitting the $100/month milestone!]
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