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You will gave access to my 1$ Tier Mega Drive folder, where you can get some of my designs, including the Gold Carrier Goblin miniature, that will always reminds you how generous you are!


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Be the General your own army of miniatures!

Including the 1$ Tier

You will have access to the General Tier Mega Drive folder, where you can find the majority of my designs! These files will be enough to build a whole army out of them, for example the Foxmen army. 


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If you really like my work you can support me with this tier. In exchange sometimes I will release models only for this tier. 

Include the General Tier! 

You will have access to the War-lord Tier Mega Drive folder, where you can get my really exclusive designs! Thank you very much for your generosity! 




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About Ilhadiel

Hi, I am Juhász Gergely aka Ilhadiel and I am an amateur 3D artist, who make 3D printable miniatures for Tabletop games. I am from Hungary and I have a big passion for Tabletop Games. I played war-games since I was a boy. I always loved miniatures and everything that related to them and always dreamt about creating my own miniatures. And now, with the 3D printing technology I actually can make my own miniatures, and I can field them on the battlefield. This is a dream that came true for me :)

With the 3D printing technology you can print your own army of miniatures. This is the future for the tabletop games, and for the miniature companies, no wonder that the hobby is expanding very fast.

I mostly play mass battle fantasy games. I started my “gamer carrier” with Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Nowadays my favorite game is Kings of War, and most of my designs are compatible with it. The KoW is a great system, and it allows people to use any miniatures you want. The current edition is the 3rd, but you can see the main rules for the 2nd edition for free in the Mantic Games official website. The 3rd edition is not much different than that, so you can get a glance how the system works. If you into mass battle games it is worth a look, trust me ;)

How my Patreon works?
All of my designs that are only available for my Patrons are in a Mega Drive. In this Mega Drive there are 3 folders for the 3 Tiers that my Patreon have. If you join in one Patron Tier then you will have access to the Posts that I made for that Tier. In these posts I include a link for the Mega Drive folders, and you can find all of my designs that I was made for that tier. It is that “easy” :D Sometimes I refresh the link for the folders, so I can get a little bit more secure about my designs.

How often do I post miniature?
It is really depends on how much time do I have. I aiming that I post 3 times a week, but usually I can make 1-2 unit per week. So at least 4 units per a month. I post them as soon as they are ready, so you can always have something to print :)

About my designs.
If you don’t familiar about my designs, and my style first of all check out my Thingiverse account. You can find my free miniatures there, and some of my other free designs are in this Mega Drive Folder! Or you can just scroll down here, I always post some pictures about the designs that I released, in my Patreon.

I usually make my design in a kit base style. This is mean, that the models come in pieces. For example a human warrior unit release contains 6 human body, 6 pair of hands and 5 head options. The idea behind this is that you can print the bits out more easily, and you can glue them together as you like, so you can customize your own miniatures.

Since I more into mass battle games, I always follow an army list, and make units for it. I always have a main project, an army that I building. After I finish an army, I start a new one to build. These armies are designed to fit some kind of army list in the Kings of War system. More about what armies do I make, and already made, in the info about the General Tier!

About the Tiers.

1$ - Thank you for your Support
Every little help are much appreciated! Thank you very much for you support!
You will get access a few of my miniatures, including the Gold Carrier Goblin Miniature. This little fella will always reminds you how generous you are :)

5$ - General Tier
This tier is also including the 1$ tier.
This is the main tier. You will get most of my designs, and you can build your own armies out of them. Take the control and lead your army into to battle!
You will get access to the General Tier folder, that includes every model that I made for this tier. Most of my models are available from the General Tier folder. You already can start to build a Foxmen army, since the army is finished. More about them in this post!
I finished my Varangur army project too, you can read about them in this post, and you can see all the unit designs in this Artstation album!
My recent project is a Sylvan Kin army. They are Sylvari and Dryad inspired miniatures, basically an elfish army, but all the miniatures are plants, you can see pictures about the published models here

8$ - War-lord Tier
This tier is also including the General Tier.
This tier is for those, who really like my work, and want to support me with a little more. I really appreciate your support.
You will get access for the Warlord Tier folder, that contains some of my really exclusive miniatures, that are only available for this tier. Usually when I make characters for an army, I make a version of them, that is available from this Tier only.

Important: I only give stl files for my Patrons, not physical miniatures. These files are printable with your own 3D printer. I recommend resin printers for my models, but they should be able to print with FDM printers too (I cannot test that, since I don’t have an FDM printer).

Some of my other places to find me!
I have a Thingiverse account, and I post free miniatures there:
I have a MyMiniFactury store, where you can buy my exclusive miniatures separately:
We have a little Discord server, where I post things about my design, or about the games we play (mostly Kings of War). But you can request some miniatures that you want me to create too. Feel free to join:
In my Instagram I post pictures about the released models, games that I played, and some unit that I printed and painted.
And if you want contact with me, maybe about a commission you want me to do, or some other business topic, write an e-mail to here: [email protected]

Thank you for your time, and for reading this! :) I hope I made clear what this Patreon is about and how this it is works. If you have any question about it, feel free to ask me in a private massage, or in any way!


By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 297 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 297 exclusive posts

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