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The Passenger

$1 /mo
Ride or die. The party can start. You're a blood cell in the superhighway of veins keeping ILL INK alive. The lifeblood. Access to all Patron-Only posts.

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The Explorer

$2 /mo
You've landed. Which means you're checking out the terrain. You're an active participant in the good gonzo fight and you keep the hope held high for ILL INK. Every reward prior, and  your name in t...

The Colonizer

$10 /mo
So you're settling in. Carpenters of ILL INK keep the place strong and sturdy. Host a party, then! Have something to drink and grab those markers. Download every page of Tweeting Me Softly - about ...

The Guardian

$20 /mo
The protective dream weavers that spin a web for ILL INK. The party has incepted our dreams and we dream in color. Bi-monthly downloads of my fully colored pages of Tweeting Me Softly, which includ...

The Visionary

$50 /mo
The Gonzo Trinity, the special handlers, the third eye helping ILL INK. A friendly 30 minute video call once a month. Drawing tutorial, coffee chat, tour of my studio, etc. Whatever suits your fanc...

The Simulator

$200 /mo
Aka the Chaos Coordinator. 

For the duration of the Simulator's support: 

YOUR NAME AND/OR BUSINESS listed as a fixed image on all Twitch streams. Personal ha...