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About IllogicalSimmer

About Me
My name is Joshua and I've been playing Sims games since I was about 7.

While playing Sims 4, I'd often think to myself "Hey, this game is missing more of this kind of object, so over the last 6 or so months, I have started to create Custom Content for the Sims 4, recently, in the form of new objects. However I have also created lots of Mesh Edits.
It's funny to think that this all started from me wanting to recolour the Seasons couches, then it evolved into something more.

I also create renders for Sims too! I create random renders frequently, so you'd be sure to find some if you check out my Twitter.

I hope to eventually give Patrons early access to CC Packs and detailed early looks as to what I am working on.

Supporting me on Patreon is 100% optional. Everything I create will always be available for free on Tumblr

External Links 
Tumblr (All of my CC is available here)

Note that my Patreon page is very much in Beta and I hope to be able to improve it as time goes on

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