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Patreon is a membership platform that allows creators to run a subscription-based content service.

By Neave Bozorgi

  1. studio: Sets I've shot with models on film between 2017 and now.
  2. roommate: Personal photos/screenshots from the camera rolls of our favorite muses.
  3. garden: A visual salad gallery of plants and flower photos shot on film.
  4. camera roll: Personal photos/screenshots from my phone's camera roll.
  5. relics: The throwback version of camera roll featuring stuff from 2011 to 2017.
  6. album (bonus segment): These are travel-based film photo sets that would drop on the last Friday of every month if we continue it as a segment. We're going to consider it a bonus for now since nothing about this year has been predictable and I don't know how much traveling will be possible, so albums will drop when traveling happens.

Monthly book:

On the 2nd of every month, I send out a digital book recapping the content shared the prior month. Additional content exclusive to the PDF will rotate between classic cars photographed on film, photos from my point and shoot camera that I take candids/bts, and unreleased photos from sets I shot and shared before 2017. For quality and legal reasons roommate, camera roll, or relics are not included in the PDFs.

Once we end the month, the sets from studio and garden will be removed from the page and will be exclusive to the people who get the PDF. People who sign up after the 1st of the month will not have access prior month's content unless they purchase the PDF. Roommate, camera roll, albums, and relics will stay on the patreon page.

I send out a message through Patreon with a discount code so you can download the book for free. For security purposes, the PDF will be stamped with the buyer’s name, email, and a transaction number unique to your ID.

Monthly schedule:
1st and 3rd Monday: Relics, Garden, Postcard
2nd and 4th Monday: Roommate, Camera roll, Studio, Postcard
Last Friday: album

  • Content is uncensored but in no way hyper-sexual or graphic.
  • Disrespectful comments result in red cards and no refunds.
  • We're not including any sets of my archives prior to 2017 on the page.
  • It would be appreciated if you supported the page and the people who have been involved in it so far by not leaking the content or sharing them on social media or forums without crediting the page/linking to it. If our community grows, we will have the budgets to work with people according to their rates and create an environment where everyone involved is paid fairly and aware of where the content is being shared. 
  • If you find yourself liking the page and what's it trying to do, recommend it to your people please so we grow these seeds organically through word of mouth. 
  • New Patrons will be charged on the day they become a member, giving them access to all content shared so far on the page. On the 1st of the following month, they will simply return to being charged monthly at the beginning of the month. Example: A patron joins the community on February 25th for $10 per month. They will be charged $10 on the day they join, February 25th, for February patronage. On March 1st, the Patron will be charged $10 for March patronage
  • If you decrease your pledged amount during the month, you will continue to have access to the content that has been paid for until you are charged the new amount on the 1st of the following month.

  • All content published on illu is exclusive material belonging to Illu and community members are asked to not distribute or republish content without crediting and linking to the page. We'd appreciate the help in spreading the word. Content leaks and sharing full sets will result in DMCA take-down processes. Membership is non-refundable. By signing up for illu you agree to these terms and conditions. Illu is run by 
    Neave Bozorgi.
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    We’ll release new sets for studio every week
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    By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 59 exclusive posts
    By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 59 exclusive posts

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