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About Illuminating Hearts

If you have found the Inner Space Club, then your path of living, loving, and awakening is ready for a quantum leap. When you drop below your weary mind to go deeper within, you connect to truer wisdom to imagine and heal from the inside out, accelerating your own evolution.

Become an Inner Space Astronaut!
It turns out there are galaxies inside you waiting to be explored.

The Inner Space Club & You!

The Inner Space Club is a growing heart-centered supportive community where we help each other explore the you-niverse within where we meet the mystery of life. This club is a magical and loving retreat center for your soul. We bring you monthly content that sparks your imagination and tunes you up to the resilience and joy you were born to know. We share with you pragmatic tools to heal illusions, reveal heart wisdom, and build a more soul-fulfilling life. Many coaches, healers and intuitives out there may say they have the answers for you — instead we point you to inner space — the inner compass of your body and soul — where your own answers wait to be found, and remembered.

"The intangible dreams of a person may have a tangible effect on the world. The interior life is the real life." ― James Baldwin

Inner Space & The Heart

Inner Space is the ever-expanding ineffable spacious universe inside you where the well of your subconscious and the mystery of your soul speak to you. Inner Space is the unseen and invisible aspects of your life: where your energy level, your well being, your emotional nature, your imagination, and your intuition reside. Inner Space is the golden key to personal and human evolution.

In the center of Inner Space — in the center of your body and electromagnetic field — is the heart. In the heart there is an actual physical place called the "tiny space" in wisdom traditions. The Tiny Space of the heart is a multidimensional portal into the zero-point of the quantum field. When you travel or journey with your imagination into your own Tiny Space, you emerge inside of the no-thingness of God, the Creator, Universe, or Quantum Field. (pick your favorite word for the Presence of All That Is) The Tiny Space of the heart is the golden destination of Inner Space where we access our own pure potentiality and possibility.

Amazingly enough, your personal Tiny Space is the exact same tiny space as any other human. Your Tiny Space is also Astara's Tiny Space, it is Orion's Tiny Space, it is your sister's or brother's or mother's or father's or friend's or lover's Tiny Space, and so on. We all are one inside the Tiny Space of the Heart. Exploring Inner Space to get to the oneness of the Tiny Space fills us with the belonging we all seek to remember and feel.

Inner Space Astronaut

Living from Inner Space helps us access greater connection to each other, the Earth, and the universe, ultimately helping us develop better emotional hygiene, empathy skills, and resilience. It is only in Inner Space where we begin to demystify the root cause of our modern pathologies. When you steward the mind towards unity with the heart and gut, the coherence created expands your capacity to explore Inner Space. From there, you learn to live the gift of you confidently in the world. In the Inner Space Club we provide content to help you get to that special place within. That is why we love to say that we are each Inner Space astronauts. It turns out there are galaxies waiting to be explored in Inner Space.


"To master the heart, to stretch to the edge of what beckons you is your ticket to ride. This is what you are here for. Your capacity to imagine is a subversive technology, altering everything. Dangerous.” — Melissa la Flamme

Everything begins with the unknown and unseen. To borrow from Buckminster Fuller, we never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, we have to build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. In order to do this, we need to tackle where our imagination is born from: fear or faith? Strangely enough, fear and faith share something in common. They both rely on what we cannot see: Inner Space. Inner Space births imagination. And it is in Inner Space that we can regulate fear and choose faith. This is how we imagine a better world into being. 

Fear is born in the head brain, which is the last to know what is going on. Although fear is an important biofeedback mechanism in our lives, it is not where we want to be imagining (building) our innovations from. The center of us — our heart — always knows first, which means the heart knows best. At the Inner Space Club, we’re betting on those odds. We created a playful acronym for FAITH: Full Allowing in the Heart. First and foremost, we humans are creators, and our Inner Space content is designed to help you build imagination muscle in service to creating a world from your heart’s trusting wisdom. Join us and let faith fuel your vision from here on out. Learn to imagine beautifully from Inner Space!

Ready. Set. Slow.

Our world is addicted to speed, consumption, avoidance, workaholism and worse, which are cultural viruses created out of the constraints of our minds.

The antidote to any cultural virus? Slow down, arrive in the present moment, and ask, "What does my soul think of this?"

Essentially, the antidote resides in Inner Space. The Inner Space Club helps you get to know yourself at this deeper soul level so you can see cultural viruses for what they are. Inner Space and your heart help you discover more of you than you currently know. Becoming more you than you know how to be is exactly what life on Earth needs now. This is how you contribute to our collective human evolution.

The Inner Space Club is a retreat for your body and soul bringing you the best medicine for our times.

Coherence: Head, Heart & Gut

Yep, you have three brains.

Our Inner Space Club content is designed to invite you back to coherence so you can hear more clearly the wisdom within. Coherence means your whole being is aligned and connected, including your three brains. Yes, you have three brains. Did you know there is a hundred times more electromagnetic activity in your heart-brain and gut-brain, than your head-brain? It's true.

The gut-brain and heart-brain are a hundred times more intelligent than your head-brain. When you say, "my heart knew," or "my gut told me," or "I can just feel it," you have dropped out of the limits of the head-brain and are in a state of coherence and a vaster intelligence. Our tagline "drop the pebble of the mind into the pond of the heart" is at the core of our mission to help you live in coherence so you may thrive.

Diverse Sound & Soul Content

Our creative content is diverse. From our Sound Alchemy, Soul Mirror video series, guided meditations, to our Bloop! podcast, private blog, and more — each are beautiful gems to illuminate your world. We share tools and technologies that telescope you into Inner Space where the seat of your consciousness or the working state of your soul communicates directly to you.

Join us and visit Inner Space as often as possible. Get familiar with what it feels like to inhabit this part of you consciously. When we learn to live from this magical place, we have clearer access to our essence, beauty, inner guidance, and joy as well as access to all of the multi-dimensional multi-verse too!

Our tiers meet you at the level that makes sense to your budget. In turn, your subscription, energy exchange, participation and feedback helps us create a new cooperative worldview where imagination is rooted in the wisdom of Inner Space.

Reconnect with your own universe within so you can co-create a soul-aligned universe around you. Join us from home, the road, or wherever you find yourself in the moment.

Illuminating Hearts is a Love Lifestyle Collaboration (LLC) out of the heartland, providing innovative mindfulness services so that others may thrive. Collaborators Astara and Orion weave sound healing and soul coaching offerings from a multi-disciplinary eco-system of acoustics, metaphysics, mindfulness, bioenergetics, and sustainability. We facilitate in-person and remote offerings, through multiple platforms including our Inner Space Club on Patreon. We guide participants to the wisdom, creativity and healing within, empowering you to remember and become your truest Self. Learn more!
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