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Music updates, Life Hacks & Upgrades, inspirational posts & poetry.


Now is the time to find new ways to be of service to the collective, but to stay in the creative flow, in leiu of gigs, I am planning to release monthly offerings while I work on new music, writings, & more during this time. These monthly offerings will be either a meditation, ecstatic dance, sacred dance, or meditational movement journey experience, with a different theme or journey each month to create our own collective experience while at home. 

I have always been interested in bringing imagination to life, & magic into this world, that is where my name came from, Imagination + magic, which is what I feel are some of the tools that help take this world closer to its fullest potential, and these are some of the ingredients that I love to offer. I have dedicated my life to living life to its fullest expression through various forms, music, poetry, meditation, dance, photography, & what I call Life Art, which utilizes the life canvas of the world, & now through Patreon, & the beauty of technology, I can share some of the tools I have cultivated to be able to make magic happen in new ways!

I am curious to see what happens when I share this journey more with you. I am inviting those who resonate with what I do to be a part of this process with me, to be part of a magic making tribe, where we can support each other with our gifts and goals. I am excited to find out what is possible through joining forces with you, sharing more about myself, learning more about you, learning what you would like to learn more of with me, & discovering what we can do together to make all our dreams come true for each other & for the planet.

This will be a bridge to bring people on a journey with me behind the scenes, & will be ever flowing & transforming based on who takes part, some of the possibilities that can be explored, is learning about music making, magic making, sharing meditation tools & techniques, goal manifestation, creative strategies, life  empowerment, healing strategies. I have been deep meditation, learning ancient spiritual technology techniques for decades, as well as creating modern modalities, I am feeling ready to start sharing more than just music in these transformative times. I am in the process of fusing these learnings together to see how I can help people in other ways: be more inspired, liberated, expressive, connected, & creative.

As long as I could remember I was in love with all things creative, poetry, photography, performance, & then delving deep into music & technology where I found great fascination. Although I started off my relationship with music by being a dancer, which I still love, and base most my offerings around, but I couldn't stop diving deeper into the digital world. Thanks to fans, friends, & extended family of community. I have been able to DJ & make music professionally since 2003. I really love creating music & Life-Art that is out of the box, and out of this world. I feel like a translator, communicating with the cosmos, and creating worlds through sounds, and I love dedicating my life to creating beauty for this world that can evoke different states of consciousness.

After making music primarily for performances, I released my first album Cosmic Sutras a while back, and a few singles since then, and I am ready to get back into the studio, to work on bringing new music out into the world, as well as finish some works-in-progress, which I have stopped temporarily because I have not had the time or budget for mixing and mastering tracks lately. As this Patreon flow builds it will help to get tracks finished, mixed and mastered, in timely manner, & I will be able to create & release more music again! I love DJing, and I am also inspired to share more DJ mix journeys & more Spotify Playlists, as well as private playlists for Patrons.

I am also feeling ready to share this Life Art in other creative forms. I have been writing poetry my whole life, & am finally ready to work on compiling & publishing a book of my poetry, a couple of self-help books, & memoirs, which will one day be available via kindle & signed physical copies through special order for special patrons. Thanks to Patreon, I would be able to have the time & resources to finally devote to making this lifelong dream of mine now, & to organize my writing that I would love to release in a blog. I would like to publish my writings of my travels, spending time within native cultures & learning from amazing teachers around the world. I also have writings from my life in the underground music scene since the turn of the millennium. I have been able to be a part of amazing journey on this planet and would love to share what I can that can inspire others. These are all things I have been working on my whole life and am finally ready to share, and also share tools  & life lessons I utilized to make them happen.

Those who know me know that not only am I a musician, I am also a muse, adviser, inspiration motivator, & Life Purpose Priestess! I love to inspire others, & motivating people to do what they dream, bring clarity to their goals. I am tend to percolate with many ideas, & specialize in out of the box thinking and guiding. I am very good at balancing creativity with productivity, the right brain with the left!  Just as much as I love to create, I love to organize, make plans, projects, priorities, mind mapping, itineraries, & set goals.  For me they go hand in hand in manifesting & making stuff happen in real time. What many people don't know is I have taught, guided, and inspired others privately into making their dreams more tangible through insight, knowledge, & tools, in music production, spirituality & life.

I have been creating unique experiences for friends and family my whole life, I love going beyond default living, and into what I call Life Art experiences, and as things flourish in the world, I am planning to create more immersive events, lush, sensoral & atmospheric experiences that more people can be a part of, in VR & in person in different environments around the world, where music can be made and shared, along with healing practices, & Life Rituals in harmony with local cultures. This is in the beginning seeds of all that, and as this Patreon path develops I would like to take it to the next level at every stage, redefining and maximizing possibilities for everyone involved.  As momentum builds, I would love to offer future goals of music videos, and live & livestream performances, which will combine sound, visuals, dance, art, beauty, & poetry in multi-media offerings. And also to explore video mapping & VR technologies that will create whole new worlds of interaction & possibilities regardless of location.

I have spend my whole life dedicated to music, meditation & spiritual growth, so that I can be a clearer vessel as an artist, human & guide. I graduated from studies with the 13 Moon Oracle, & in the Dolphin Star Temple lineage as a Pleadian Lightworker. I was initiated into Sri Vidya Tantra in India in Devipuram and have been deep in sadhana studies since 2012. I am authorized to share techniques from many ancient time honored traditions. I am tuning into Source at this time to help others energetically through music activations & meditations & integrative life-art  experiences, sharing in prayers & creations, wherever you may be.

I have always had an interest in the world at large, all the people, cultures, & animals on the planet. I am fortunate that I have been able to spend time with so many different cultures, & spiritual leaders in various communities, & I would like to do what I can to inspire global unity & equality, to liberate beings, bring more love into this world. I want to help illuminate ways we can create a more beautiful & harmonious world. How can we all make our life the most spectacular, extraordinary expression of who we are, one that inspires others, and ourselves, to help create a better vision for this planet for all? That's what I want to know, lets find out together!

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