Madison Meadows

is creating doodles, paintings, writing, witty comebacks, and pickup lines
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About Madison Meadows

Hi! My name is Madison, and I like to do a lot of stuff. My favorite is probably writing. I do short stories, poems, love notes, and much more! I'm a planner. I love to organize get-togethers, parties, and shindigs of all shapes and sizes! I play flute, piccolo, and piano - and I also sing a little. I think I have a very nice sense of fashion. My mom died in a car wrieck when I was 10, and my dad has MS. I have a little sister, and a cat named Katie. Apparently, I give amazing life advice and should be a motivational speaker! At least, that's what the lady I volunteer with said. I can do pretty much anything, and you can, too!