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Blossoms receive the following benefits:

  • A Thank you message from me
  • A letter from a character once a month (I'll do a poll to decide which one)
  • Instant access to our Discord Guardians HQ server, access to Blossoms' official channel and all public channels
  • Password for Blossoms' exclusive album on my website
  • A personal video from me every month
  • Monthly Q&A (Depending on the amount of questions, I may not be able to answer every question but will try to. Each Q&A session for each level will be scheduled on different days and take place on patreon.) 
  • You will receive exclusive character info and profiles not included in books or stories
  • Receive announcements on upcoming projects, events and much more
  • First look at covers and blurbs
  • Access to the first chapter of upcoming books
  • Can enter into free raffles to become a beta reader or ARC(advance read copy) reviewer

* More benefits to come as our community grows (that's why I ask for shipping addresses. All your information is kept private for security purposes)

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Sapphire Guardian

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Sapphires receive the following benefits:


  •  Everything from the Blossom membership
  • Instant access to our Discord Guardians HQ server, access to Sapphire and Blossom channels and all public channels
  • Pass to Sapphires' exclusive album on website
  • Exclusive short story add-ons to series and characters
  • Access to the first three chapters of upcoming books
  • Can apply to be a beta reader or ARC reviewer

* More benefits to come as our community grows  (that's why I ask for shipping addresses. All your information is kept private for security purposes ) 

Includes Discord benefits

IManiac Guardian

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IManiacs receive the following benefits:

  • Everything from Blossom and Sapphire memberships
  • Instant access to our Discord Guardian HQ server, access to all channels (Blossom, Sapphire and IManiac) and to all public channels
  • Pass to IManiacs' exclusive album on my website
  • An early look at future projects' tentative schedules
  • Monthly Q&A first schedule and response
  • Access to first five chapters of upcoming books 
  • Instant acceptance to beta reader or ARC reviewer pools when asked 
  • More benefits to come as our community grows (that's why I ask for shipping addresses. All your information is kept private for security purposes) 
Includes Discord benefits


About Me and My Guardians

Hi Everyone, 

My name is Imania Margria. Welcome to Guardians Headquarters. If you're new to me and my work, I will tell you a little more about myself and my readers’ base, the Guardians.

I'm a fiction, inspirational and poetry indie (independent) author. I normally write romantic suspense, supernatural or fantasy but like to venture out of those restraints and write other genres as well. I want to encourage and inspire my readers through my characters and stories. Even if I don't make a big impact on the world, the fact that my words have touched someone or motivated them to never give up on their own dreams or just brightened their day are satisfying accomplishments for me. I don't need to be the next J.K. Rowling, Stephen King or Maya Angelou as long as my work made a difference in someone's life. 

One of the constant themes in my writing are guardians, characters who watch over and guide the main characters on their journeys. They are a necessity for whether or not the protagonist reaches their goals. Without the help of their guardians, the main characters normally attract more trouble than they normally would with them. So, that's why I call my readers’ base, the guardians. Whether you are a Blossom, Sapphire or IManiac, you all are very important parts in my literary journey and play a key part to my success. 

  • The first two levels of my readers’ base are named after my favorite flower and birthstone. The third level is named after my most supportive and knowledgeable (of my works) readers. 

What Your Support Means To Me

As an independent author, I control everything dealing with my book, which entails hiring designers to make my covers, editors and so forth, or doing a lot of those things myself. So, I'm not only writing my books but also manage most of the other jobs an editor, proofreader, or PR agent would do to create the best works for you, my readers. This takes a lot of time, effort and money. Now, I'm no millionaire. Heck... I'm not even a thousandaire. I'm just a small town Jersey girl who loves to write and inspire the world. And as a Guardian, your support helps me not only accomplish that goal, but it also helps me create new and exciting products for you.

Here are some examples of what your support helps me to do:
  • Produce more works, because I can dedicate all of my time to writing 
  • Hire the best and talented staff to help me create the best quality products
  • Gives me a place to directly interact with all of you and get ideas of what you want 
  • Helps fund future projects outside of my books, like VNs (visual novels), character concept art, character merchandise, expanding my podcast, planning of fan events, like book signings and tours, and so on (I will post more about these at later date)

In return for your support, you will get exclusive access to my official reader havens on Discord and Facebook where you can discuss books and other endeavors with other readers. Also, you will receive exclusive messages from me and even a brief monthly Q&A, this may depend on your level and the platform. Depending on your level, you can get exclusive material not included in my books like bonus short stories, letters from characters, first look at book covers, updates on the status of current projects and tentative schedules of future projects, events and so much more. As our community grows, I can provide more benefits for you all, my loyal fans. 

  * For more information on member benefits check out the tiers section of my page.

Current and Upcoming Works

The Pacemaker

(Available now on Amazon now!) 


Available everywhere in spring 2020

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Once I reach 500 Guardians, I will start doing a member exclusive show on my Life with Imania Margria podcast once a month. During these shows, I will answer any questions from you all on air. You will also pick the topics you want me to talk about on my show.
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