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You will receive DJ rank in discord. For less than the cost of a single two-liter of mountain dew code red, you can help keep all of our silly services a reality.
Includes Discord benefits


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This tier is for people interested in helping me pay for server hosting. At this tier, you will;

Be whitelisted on any restricted Poob servers (Currenty: Rust, Minecraft, Valheim). This includes access to the relevant text and voice channels in discord. You can still get banned from these servers or my discord at my discretion.
Gain DJ rank in Discord
Includes Discord benefits

Poob Sweaty

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What a chad you are, at 10$ a month, your pledge goes a long way to keeping everything running. Hell, if you are a nice guy, you can probably ask me for admin on one or more of my servers. I'll even throw you an ally rank in discord.

All discord ranks can be taken away at any time if you act like a meanie.
Includes Discord benefits




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About Ima Poob


Ima Poob,

I run a gaming community in Rust, centered on the official Facepunch US East 2 Server. The Pipe n' Poob Tavern is a large shop/apartment complex usually located on the coast. Our employees focus heavily on creating an aesthetically pleasing, yet safe, place where everyone is welcome. The compound itself is covered in peacekeeper turrets to keep everyone honest. We have many different tiers of apartments for sale, and offer nearly every item in the game.

What make us different from your run-of-the-mill shoppe, is the wide variety of services we offer, including but not limited to;

A fully-functional website
Apartments available to non-zerg members
A meme crypto currency (not currently used in game)
Your chance to be on Youtube!
Server hosting for certain games in off months.
And of course, our honest, hardworking staff.

The website, rust/minecraft/valheim server hosting, and licence for editing software/music are currently all paid by me, out of pocket. By becoming a patron, you are directly helping me manage some of the back end cost that it takes to keep everything running. With more resources, I promise, the memes will only get stronger.

-Ima Poob (and you should be too)
$0 of $40 per month
With $40 per month, the community would be paying for half of my monthly costs to keep Poobcoin,, and any of our other services working. I will do a 5000 PBC giveaway for patrons once we reach this goal.
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