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Hello Amiga fans

My passion has always been pushing the Amiga beyond what it was originally designed for and my story starts in 1987 with a company I co started called Checkmate Digital ltd which ceased trading in the mid 90's. Now and as a hobby as I have a day job I am working on a new version of the original product that I launched in 1989 called the Checkmate 1500 expansion case for the A500, now renamed Checkmate 1500 Plus and supporting many more systems as per the banner image. This I hope will grow into more Amiga based products over time and maybe even a full time job again.

So why Patreon?

Aside from all the work on the new case which has captured peoples imagination and was recently funded with the support of fans like yourself, I also purchase lots of equipment to test and make people aware of, such as my video series  "Build an Aros based Amiga computer from scrap parts". All this costs money which is not really recouped in the YouTube advert payments that are very low now and therefore getting some community support for this would be a great help to continue. 

Any way, if you want to support my channel and my efforts please consider pledging.


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My projects improve by sharing what I am doing with the people who will use them and listening to the response. This reward gets not only my thanks but will open up future private videos to show even more insight into the projects I am involved in relating to Amiga.
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I have rented an office/studio for the case project for 6 months. After that I may have to drop it as my day job cannot fund it. If I reached this target I would keep this up and continue its use as a studio for my pet projects and have open days for Patreons to visit my small Amiga collection and see what I do and maybe join in with future streams.
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