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is creating 3D Printable miniatures for tabletop gaming.

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reward item
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¤ Join the Witness tier to follow my progress, join the conversation or to just show your support for my work. Every little bit counts ♥ 
¤ 10% Discount on IoL Minis Myminifactory and Etsy stores.
¤ Gain access to vote on polls to guide future releases.
¤ Receive the monthly witness tier special miniature STL file.
¤ Access to the witness tier starter set.

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  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • Access to monthly 3D print files


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reward item
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  • Same benefits as the Witness tier, plus:
  •  30% Discount on the IoL Minis Myminifactory store.
  •  While you remain an active supporter at the merchant tier, you are licenced to sell physical prints of the IOL Minis range.
  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • Access to monthly 3D print files




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About Imitation of Life Miniatures

Imitation of Life Miniatures is creating printable miniatures and terrain for Post Apocalyptic tabletop gaming.

Hi, I ´ m Sonny, welcome to my Patreon.

I have been an avid wargamer and hobbyist for well over 30 years, and I have launched this Patreon to realise a hobby project I have been wanting to create for years, building up a collection of wasteland wonders, weirdos and wacky widgets for Post Apocalyptic tabletop games. This is a passion project for me, and through the magics of the internet, and the rise of the consumer 3D printer, I am able to share it with other likeminded hobbyists out there. Aint that cool?

Currently we have just one support tier, the 1€ "Witness" tier, for supporters who likes what I do, wants to get some updates or just throw me a buck. Witness tier supporters will also usually receive at least one printable miniature every month.

I am currently preparing for the "Wanderer" tier, which will be a monthly modular warband release of around 5-8 printable models. The current time estimate is that the Wanderer tier will launch in October, once I have cleared enough space and my calendar to comfortably meet the demands of running a Patreon with a regular release schedule..

Cheers, and welcome aboard,
 - Sonny

If you join today, you get immediate access to The Starter set

The Witness tier starter set contains enough terrain, models and accessories to get you started playing small skirmish games on approximately a 2 x 2 foot board. The starter set is a continual work in progress, and I will periodically be adding more models and terrain to it.
All piece in the starter set are designed to either print without supports on a resin printer, or come with a pre-supported version ready to print.

Downloading files:

During each month, new files are added through a Dropbox link for immediate access. At the end of the month, redemption links for monthly releases are sent out to all patrons via their Patreon emails. ( If you have a different email account associated with MMF, please drop me a PM and I will add you to the list manually.)

A couple of do´s and don´ts:

- Do print and paint the miniatures. Don´t just keep them in a folder on your computer, they want to get out there and play!
- Do rescale and convert the models to your hearts content, as long as it is for personal use. Make them you own!

- Don´t be turning a profit. The miniatures and files are for personal use and cannot be redistributed or sold. That goes for derivatives and conversions as well. If you are interested in selling prints of the IOL Minis range, please join the merchant tier.
All designs are the property of Imitation of Life Studio, and no rights of reproduction, distribution or reselling is granted.
As a Patron of the Imitation of Life Miniatures Patreon, you are granted a personal use licence to use these files and designs for personal, non-profit use.


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