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In addition to this tier you will have exclusive access to the re-issued 'BE Shampoo' comic I did all those years ago over on Deviantart.
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(Single figure drawings, some restrictions may apply. Additional needs may be negotiable.)



About Thomas

   Hello. If you have stumbled upon me here and have never seen my work, know I do some adult themed arts. Yes. Naughty bits everywhere.
   By supporting me here I will be able to pay the bills to keep myself online and continue posting arts. The arts I post here through Patreon though will remain here and only visible by you, the generous supporters! (With limited releases to the general public to assist in awareness of my stuff here).  How cool could that be?
   Keeping me funded will allow me to do more sequences and full (and multiple) page comics . It's something people have been asking from me for some time. Now is the opportunity to help me make that a reality.
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