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About Cole Imperi • The American Thanatologist

My work touches something that happens to all of us—death. And not just dead-body death, but death of all kinds: divorce, loss of a job, infertility diagnosis, loss of an important friendship, etc. (non-dead-body-deaths are called Shadowlosses, by the way, which is the subject of my forthcoming book!)

For as little as $1/month, you can support more than just one can support my body of work comprised of several projects, many of which have been going on for many years already. Also important to me is providing free resources which reduce barriers for people in need.

My mission is to improve the way we deal with death and dying in my lifetime. When we get better at death, we get better at life. 

Supporting the work of the American Thanatologist gives you the opportunity to support:
• an independent thanatologist
• the Life, Death & Tarot podcast
• the American Thanatologist podcast (the first season drops in spring 2019 but episode 0 is up now!)
• the development of the field of Thanabotany (founded via my fellowship research in 2018/2019. More details will be out after April 18!)
• a Death Companion working in her community and training others to do so
• a public health educator making information about death, dying, grief and loss interesting, accessible and uplifting
• writing about the fascinating facets found within funerary, floral and food traditions (did you SEE how many 'f' words I used in this sentence? Clearly, my writing skillz are top notch.)
• development within the field of thanatology
• mentorship opportunities for those looking to work in death and dying
• positive change in death, dying, grief and bereavement

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Why Your Support Matters
As my career has grown and my reach has expanded, I intend to develop a stronger community. You support my work, and I get to share that work with you. Individuals willing to support me have a vested interest in the study of death and dying, and I want to hear from these folks as I choose writing and research projects. 

Many of us want to be involved with the death positive movement but don't know where to start or don't have the time to devote to it—consider starting right here!

Here's my website, which is the hub for everything I'm doing:
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Double infinity level! (Ever look at an 8 sideways???) When I hit this goal, I'm going to give away 3 private tarot readings conducted via Skype. They will be raffled off at the time we hit this number! Fun! This level of support is substantial....88 humans supporting my work. Reaching this level will allow me to commit enough resources to an independent research project....something I won't be able to find outside funding for. 
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