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For $3 I will mention your name in special section on the website, where I can say thank you to all Patrons, who supported the project. Your name will remain forever on IMPERIUM ROMANUM.

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For $30 - apart from mentioning your name on the website and special thanks on social media - I will write the article for the topic that you choose. Of course, at first I will create it in Polish and later on ask professional translator for his work. I want everyone to know that this content is thanks to you and for you, therefore I will input special thanks!




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IMPERIUM ROMANUM is Polish website dedicated to the history of ancient Rome. It was created in 2004 and during that time I managed to gather a lot of materials about ancient Rome. I share with users all the curiosities, discoveries and knowledge about ancient Rome through the website, social media and newsletter. On a daily basis you can track fanpage on Facebook, Twitter, Instragram or Reddit for new content. Additionally, I am an active user on Quora, where I try to answer questions related to ancient Rome.

Currently, my main goal is to translate Polish website (having more than 3300 unique articles) into English, in order to reach more people and share knowledge all over the world.
I hope that thanks to your support I will manage to do that!

Polish version -->
English version -->

Gratias Ago!
Jakub Jasiński
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When I reach $1000 per month, I will be able to hire professional translator, who can provide continuous translations of IMPERIUM ROMANUM - the Polish website about history of ancient Rome.
Currently, there is over 3300 unique articles and posts in Polish, what require huge amount of work and money for translation.
Thanks to your support I will be able to publish new materials for English-speaking visitors and focus more on gathering new fascinating information from history of ancient Romans.
Help me with fulfilling my dream - sharing the knowledge about Roman Empire all around the world!
Gratias ago!
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