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Two of us came together to turn a faltering long-distance Dungeons & Dragon's campaign into a writing group where we could hang out, and try to hone our skills while we pursued traditional publishing. After recruiting a third, the web serial Impractical Magic was formed.

We write under the pseudonyms Nalta (primary writer for Lyssana Terasu), Oberson (primary writer for Fen Calon), and S.B.B (Primary writer of for Yam Hist of the Ken Seekers).

Anyone interested in extra releases, side chapters, specific interludes, or other requests should let us know so we can look at getting those stories made for you.

If you read and you've enjoyed what we've made, then we would appreciate any support you have. Every piece, no matter how small, helps us justify our choices when our family's ask what we've been doing over the holidays.

Luckily this is the place to be if you give a Dram. 

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"This is a serialized web fiction about three students in Istima, the Six Court Academy; where the different branches of magic have come together in an ancient city-school floating between mountain peaks and above the storm sea. The engraving students learn to steal patents and defend their homework from untrustworthy professors. The Winter Court battle for their spots in the rankings. The healers-in-training stretch trip cords across the highest stairs so they can practice enough to earn an internship. And no one has a clue what is happening in the Night Court, but it involves self-induced psychosis, inter-dimensional summoning, and activities so normal that they feel nefarious in comparison.

Welcome to Istima. Study, survive, and hold your secrets close.

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