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Kind of like a tip jar! A head pat! A hey buddy I see you -- you're doing great! Patreon suggested eliminating tiers under $2, since it just kinda bones you guys on the tax, and this is me, for the first time in my life, listening to someone else (hahah)
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This currently gives you access to my patreon feed! Content you can expect:

  • Selfies, SFW posts, Costume WIP photos
  • Some HD preview images from monthly photosets
  • One month access to my NSFW snapchat (see tier rules)
  • grants "freefolk" access on Discord (you can chat/ask questions/talk to other cool dudes)
  • +5 intelligence
Includes Discord benefits
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Good at one thing, but useless at everything else! This currently gives you access to my monthly photosets,  Content you can expect:
  • One month access to my NSFW snapchat (see tier rules)
  • Monthly Photoset (typically 8-40 images)
  • Previous tier rewards
  • +5 stealth
Includes Discord benefits


Hey! Wow! Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my Patreon.
* Please know you're not obligated to join *

4.7.2020 update
a lot of things are changing in life & on here!
currently my shipping suppliers (local) are CLOSED because of mandatory lockdowns in Los Angeles. This means mail is DELAYED, but will be bundled and sent when this is over.  please keep this in mind when subscribing.

i will write something more formal here later, but thank you for considering joining patreon. I know a lot of members have switched to only fans, but Patreon still gives the largest % back to its creators (about 96-98%, depending) and it truly can't be replaced because of that. 

I know a lot of you are used to what I consider "the bar" of Patreon creators, incredible full-time ladies who put out 4-8 sets a month, a crazy amount of beautiful cosplay work, and I too am a great admirer of them. However, unlike the quintessential ladies of Patreon, I am a team of 1, and until this month my full time job was live-streaming and this was my passion side project. I would love nothing more than to be a top caliber creator, but please dont join expecting more than the content that is promised. 

WHAT YOU *CAN* expect from me:
  • 1 photoset a month, lately theyve been between 30-60 images (much higher than other creators' average, 8-12)
  • snapchat content for tiers $10+
  • monthly club streams for $75+ are still going
  • game nights are sporadic, but I am very, very active in my own discord and would love if you jumped in whenever you can!
  • cross posting of onlyfans content for tier $25 -- I completely understand the draw of the content, have tagged it all under "nsfw" & "OFfeed" so you can easily toggle to it and enjoy ALL of the content I post on onlyfans, right here! with snapchat benefits!

Thank you for reading this, this whole time and process has been so stressful and I hope this page is a reprieve for both of us.Stay healthy<3

26% complete
Patreon does offer a streaming service, but it's an added cost and would take away from my time *ahem* elsewhere on the intertubes. I really want to do creative livestreams, & even ~lewd~ cooking streams on here atleast once a month for Paladin+ tiers. You guys are so good to me -- I want to be able to give back to people who would prefer a different, less intimidating streaming platform. 
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