I Must Be Dead has paused their campaign. Patrons will not be charged on June 1st, 2018

All billing will resume on July 1st, 2018.

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I Must Be Dead is creating a religion


$1 /mo
Access the digital feed.  Imustbedead communicates through photo,video, and sound. Instructions on how to live.


$7 /mo
access the physical feed. 

Imustbedead sends a care package to your door every month. Supplements and supplies for your mind. True believers plug in directly.


Officer of Prisoners

$10 /mo

The system feeds off of you, and you feed off of the system. You are the front of the army, leading the swarm towards domination goals.

Sergeant of Misinformation

$20 /mo
Those whom the rest will look for inspiration, destruction, and guidance. Crucial to the success of media infrastructure.

Commander of Demolition

$50 /mo
Pillars of war and media takeover. Leaders of the horde and swarm. Where you point, others will destroy.

General of Propaganda

$100 /mo
Right hand to Imustbedead, council of the dead access.