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Inclusive Components

What is inclusive-components.design? A blog trying to be a pattern library with a focus on inclusive design. Each post explores a common interface component and comes up with a better, more robust and accessible version of it.

Why? Because the web is full of components which don't consider the diversity of abilities, circumstances, and preferences of its users.

What do you mean by component? A module, a part of your interface, an entry in your pattern library. A bit of what you make.

What do you mean by inclusive design? I wrote What The Heck Is Inclusive Design? for 24 Ways to answer that question.

Is there a book about this kind of thing? I'm glad you asked. Yes, I wrote Inclusive Design Patterns.

Who are you? I'm Heydon Pickering. I work as a UX designer and accessibility engineer with The Paciello Group and I'm the accessibility editor for Smashing Magazine. I've been building interfaces for the web for over 10 years.

It's a club? Doesn't sound very inclusive It's not an exclusive club. Anyone can join by, you know, loading the blog in their browser. It's quite performant, so shouldn't take long or cost you much in data transfer.

Is there a Twitter account to follow? It's @inclusicomps.
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With an income of $3000+ per article, I can dedicate significant time to inclusive-components.club, producing videos to accompany the already in-depth articles. These videos can demonstrate the use of fully coded components with different assistive technologies and interaction styles.
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