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About Incoming

Hey, My name's Incoming. For many years now I've been a semi frequent contributor of code to the game Space Station 13, specifically the TGstation branch. It's a hobby and also on some smarmy emotional level a passion for me.

The Disclaimer For People Who Just Randomly Stumbled Here
If you're not familiar with Space Station 13 this whole thing isn't going to make much sense, so feel free to get over to and start boning up on it. That said if you're some sort of obscenely wealthy person who just likes to throw money at people without any due diligence, by all means stop reading here and just go for it.

What I Do For Space Station 13
Since the far off year of 2012 I've been consistently throwing my ideas and code at the tgstation project. If you've played nearly any version of the game within the past four years you've probably been affected by my work:

A few of the more obvious things you've probably seen around that I had a hand in:
  • Syndicate Bombs: I pride myself on the fact that over the course of these four years I've probably gibbed most players of the game. It was also my first real project for the game.
  • Wizard Stuff: Wands, Staves, Spells and more. Frankly it's a huge list, but if you've ever enjoyed using Summon Magic or Events, or made the OBJECTIVELY CORRECT choice to use the Staff of Chaos, that's all me.
  • Poly's Dirty Mouth: It's my fault the bird remembers your sins. 500 lines of dynamically relearned and persistent dialogue is AI enough to make that bird seem almost as smart as a greytiding assistant. I love Poly so much I designed and now maintain @Poly_the_Parrot, an automatic twitter bot that pulls quotes from TGstation's poly 24/7!
A (nearly) full list of my contributions to the game to date can be found here

So You're Kind Of A Big Deal, Then?
I've expended plenty of time and energy on this game but no I'm not a big deal within the project. I'm not a lead of any sort or even a maintainer (because I'm bad at code review). If you're looking to donate "to the game" properly there's better targets of your charity elsewhere. I'm merely someone who's stuck with this game a long time and put up a lot of changes of varying size and quality.

Top dog at TGstation? Not even close.
Top quintile? Ehhhhhh... maybe!

Either way you will often find me in game with coder rank mainly because I'm usually testing something or debugging things that go wrong. Beyond this and coding you can often find me giving opinions on the github or defending my own in my pull requests. I'm also active on the forums and in #Coderbus. I also crack wise on the SS13 subreddit (but that is absolutely not something to brag about). Point is effort is being put in, only because I want to of course.

What Donating Actually Does and Doesn't Do
The short version here is it does nothing. Donating any amount of money here is strictly you saying that you want to help me in a financial sense. I don't treat space station 13 dev work as a job and I don't expect it to make money for me. Giving me money here does not grant you any sort of privilege in directing my workflow or accelerating how fast things get done (so no it won't make datum antags come out, sorry).

If you have futher questions feel free to e-mail me about it.
[email protected]

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