is creating Bara 3D Art and Visual Novels -- some furry, some not.

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FAMILIAR benefits plus:
Art may become available to public after 30+ days on Patreon (but via Twitter @incubusgame1).
2 to 4 art pieces per month (these may be from the "Request Art" benefit).

Art Polls
Participate in a poll to choose the subject of art for next month.
"Request Art" benefit will override the poll for this month depending on # of slots taken.
Includes Discord benefits


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Basically everything!

Early Access to games - alpha/beta access, games may not actually get developed to completion but you'll get to play things I'm testing regardless. How often will depend on when I have a build ready, could be as frequent as once a month? Could be every couple of months.

Early Access to game art - This will be more frequent than the actual game builds, should be at least once a month, may or may not be NSFW, will have spoilers.
Includes Discord benefits


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All the art and early game access PLUS:
Your name in credits in new games and my eternal gratitude!
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About Deevil

I'm creating 3D Art, Bara visual novels and chaos.

Some examples are:

Orc Running Club - Gay Orcs running. What more could you want?!

Incubus Academy, an adult, gay, bara, demon-themed visual novel.

A Day In The Park is a Bara dating sim with lots of sex and animations. Quick routes and a secret to unlock.

Tim's Terrible Tuesday is all about... sex basically. It's a quick game which I think has some hot images and some animation at the end.

I'm currently also working on other projects for myself and others.

Your contributions will go directly towards me creating more characters, animations, and smut.

Thank you!

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