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About Independent Music Podcast

The Independent Music Podcast is a weekly show that brings you ten new tracks from artists from across the world. In nearly 300 episodes we have promoted over 3,500 independent artists and record labels and reach thousands of pairs of ears every week.

We cover every genre conceivable, whether it's abstract techno, mutated dancehall, dark metal, Chinese bin lid music, trad. folk, or something else - if it's been recorded outside of the major label system, we're up for playing it.

You'll find music you love, music you hate, music you don't understand, and music that'll change your life. The music you love on the podcast will be different to the music someone else loves on the podcast, and it's that individual connection to wonderful recorded sounds that we want to help facilitate.

Here are a few reviews we've had from listeners:

“Just excellent, so much variety and a finger on the pulse of the esoteric”

“Great infectious, easy and well clued-in chat between the guys. A gem-finder of a show.”

“Truly outstanding. These guys are walking encyclopaedias of music knowledge. Everyone needs to listen. Bravo! Please keep it up.”

“Excellent portfolio of music tracks presented by two experienced, smart and sometimes funny guys (Gareth and Anthony). Listen to crazy stuff and lovely melodies ranging from Metal to Jazz via Punk and Techno and I don´t know....everything. :) I can highly recommend it!”

“Full of incredible tunes and info to lead you into great discoveries. Great mix too, reggae to bleak doom metal? Yeah!”

We're on Patreon so that we can bring more amazing, eclectic music to adventurous music lovers. We also need to cover our costs - as we get more popular, our costs increase. We've had success asking for one-off donations, but it's not enough to keep the music coming. We want to ensure that the podcast can continue bringing you music you might not otherwise discover.

As part of the deal, not only will they be ensuring the podcast survives, but Patreons will get more shows, more recommendations, more access and be more involved in the creation of the podcast. 
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When we hit this goal, the medium-term future of the podcast will be secured. We'll be confident we can keep the podcast running into 2021.
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