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About INDIEcent Exposure

Once upon a time commercial music radio didn't suck. Well, actually, it always sucked a little, and sometimes a lot. And sometimes the entire music industry screwed musicians from every conceivable direction. And then, you know, the Internet happened. Since then, commercial radio has been dying a slow, agonizing (kind of embarrassing, really) death.

Music podcasts sprang to life at least as early as 2005. I know — I was there. And if you were, too, you might have listened to my show, The Mongrel's Howl. I built it to be the way the best of rock and pop radio used to be. Carefully curated playlists, interviews, music news...But then the big labels decided to launch a major offensive against us podcasters. They did skeezy things between the sheets with politicians and regulators to make it really difficult to sustain an Indie music show.

Somehow, though, just like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, the music refused to stay confined. And then the big labels soon found themselves in gladiatorial combat with tiny little Indie labels, and even individual Indy musicians themselves. By 2020 the worlds of 'mersh and Indy had achieved some kind of equilibrium due to some fascinating dynamics I hope to talk about with a pop music scholar one day.

The sand is still shifting under our feet, but now, podcasters have tools we didn't have in the old days (R.I.P Podsafe Music Network). We have discovery platforms galore. We have audio editing tools. We have whole companies dedicated to providing services to podcasters. Very exciting time to alive and in the music business. There's only one problem.

Musicians went from having very few avenues for discovery back 25 years ago to having so many that tons of musicians started uploading their tracks everywhere. That leaves the music lover facing an absolute flood of choices, many of them amazing, more than a few of them kinda meh. And that's where INDIEcent Exposure comes in. I listen to an endless stream of music, some submitted, some scouted, to put together episodes that flow. One artist may have 50,000 followers, the next may only have 50. It's not a popularity contest. It's a mission to create a music show that you depend on and trust to expose you to acts that are about to go supernova and acts that you should make a note to keep an eye on and an ear out for.

I don't charge anything for our regularly scheduled weekly podcasts. The artists don't pay for play. And I'm hoping to keep this show ad free for as long as possible. And that's where you come in. By supporting INDIEcent Exposure, you're actually supporting hardworking musicians who deserve to be heard. And the more listeners who financially support this show, the harder I can work at brining you more great music, exclusive interviews, and music news that you'll either hear first or that you won't hear ANYwhere else. And yes, you get goodies based on how much you're able and inclined to contribute.

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