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Oh my gosh…Look at you! Coming here wondering how you can aid Indie Game Lover™ in continuing to do all the things I do to help aid the community. All those hours, all that coffee, all that work! This makes me feel incredibly fluffy and shiny and like I just donned my most formal attire and started glittering in the moonlight. And by formal, clearly what is meant is shorts and a t-shirt but that is neither here nor there. Who is here is-- you, and I am excited to have you looking around.

And blushing. For sure I am blushing.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much extra text here (WHATTTT the essay queen is holding back words?). But but but, with good reason, that essay already exists with some of my hooman side on IGL, so if you want to dig in a bit deeper and read a bit (a lot) more, head to  this page.

For those who prefer the shortened bit I (Danelle AKA Kitty AKA Indie Game Lover) started this project in 2014 and have been aiding indie games and developers since as best as I possibly have been able to. In 2019, the project became the 2.0 version you see today.

Content and aid has increased over the years, as have time and work involved (always reaching beyond a full-time amount of hours), which is why I have come to Patreon and seek your help.

In 2020 I took up a strong position in helping Indie World Order as well and between these things I have almost zero free time left (and not much sleep time) as it is all spent on helping indies.

If you decide to pass any paws my way, it is going to help me fuel the hours involved and help me to continue to do what I can do to help everyone in return.

In case you don’t fully know “the what” really it is that Indie Game Lover does and why it should matter to you-- I strive to aid and support all those indie game sparkles as much as possible through various forms of articles, videos, social media work, community building, etc., and all of it is handcrafted love.

I curate games from around the world that sample all the unique and special experiences that you can get from playing independently developed video games so that people can experience the same inspiration that I feel.

Gaming is not a “one-stop-one-size-fits-all” stereotype; it can actually be anything you want it to be and indie games are the perfect sample of that concept. No matter how long you have been a gamer, no matter how skilled you are, it is never too late to frolic with the butterflies that are indie.

Indie projects I dedicate time into beyond IGL:

Indie World Order | Art Me Indie | Pitch Ya Game | IWOCon

With all the rambles aside, Indie Game Lover is all about nurturing love and support and being amazed and inspired while showing all that through the things that are happening in indie games. This scene is filled with creatives that need to be seen.

As the work involved with helping indies in loads of locations often topples far beyond a full time job, I could really use your help.

As I finally reach the end of my beginnings with you, I hope you find value in my unique approach at content and will start taking this journey with me paw-in-paw as we pounce about in this fabulous world of amazing indie games.

Thank you in advanced, as I can’t do it without you. It. All. Matters.

 Indie Game Lover ♥♥

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This helps to let me know that you are into all the work, content, & hours I spend dedicated to indies. I am incredibly thankful for the support. It will also help me cover a small portion of the costs involved as I continue to work daily.
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