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Welcome, weary writer! If you happen to find yourself upon this page, it is because you, like us, are on an adventure. One of the greatest adventures one can undertake, in fact. For you friend, are a storyteller, a majestic weaver of words. But what you also probably are, is lost sometimes. Consider this a place to help find your way back onto the road.

IndiePen Ink (or as we say in our hometown, IndiePen) is a multiverse of writing resources, here to bring you everything from assistance with world-building research, to book promotion advice, to drunken web shows to enjoy when you just can't get another word to paper. We're here to be your friends and guides as you endeavor to write books, or short stories, or epic poems, or boundary breaking other word stuff. We ourselves are writers and dreamers who've grown tired of the cookie cutter writing advice, and so we decided to sit down and do something about it for you.

Yes, you've turned your story off and on again. But THEN WHAT? What do you do when your characters are being so petulant you want to turn your novel around? Or what about not knowing the sort of sociopolitical structure your race of playapus-like aliens require in your sci-fi story? Or maybe, you just need encouragement long enough to keep yourself standing until you can figure out what it is you and your story really need. We're here for all the things.

Supporting us on patreon means you get a first hand chance at contributing to figuratively "keeping the water running" at our proverbial office. The money donated will help us cover hosting fees for the site, get equipment to create new content for you, and provide our web mistresses with the funds they need to make a living at being creative.

Our various perk levels are both general and specific (Kind of like our founders...) You can contribute at one of our general levels like getting a shout out tweet or a thank you on the site! But what you can also get is groovy specifics like an advice video from us answering your questions, bonus video content, podcast blooper reels, and more! Peruse the perks at your leisure and pick the one from the shelf that most speaks to you.
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