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Hey, what is this thing anyway?
Indiepocalypse is a monthly game anthology that supports indie developers (both physical and digital) by collectively publishing and paying them for their work.

Each month will feature games by 10 different developers with the goal of bringing together games that explore the breadth of our art form. Each collection features the games collected in a zip file along with  a PDF zine with a page highlighting each developer and featuring a cover by an artist outside of the world of games.

Games as whole are a relatively young medium, but far more importantly, one dominated by stories of extreme success. There is little attention given to the independent and 'small press' of games outside of the those year's mega-hits. One of the big problems is the people who would cover these games almost exclusively, are just as small (if not smaller) than the people making them. This lack of coverage leads to 5+ years projects that, to the public, launch surprisingly.
The entire culture leads to impossible expectations of what a small team (or single person) can create and the overall devaluation of 'smaller' games. It is my goal with this anthology to change that culture to better appreciate these games and the developers who make them.

Who am I?
I am Andrew, the editor-in-chief (and everything else admin) of Indiepocalypse who, despite a supreme lack of social clout, is forcing this concept into existence because somebody has to. Other than that, I occasionally make games of my own.

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*break even point measured assuming the only cost to the zine is $20 dollars paid to each developer and the sales split 50/50
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