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About Dave

There are in fact two friends called Dave involved with Indigo! The Dave that runs this page is Indigo's obsessive passionate maintainer. The other Dave is a free spirited game and tool builder. Together they run Purple Kingdom Games for the sheer fun of it.

is a free, open source game engine written for the Scala community.

I started writing Indigo in November 2016. I was an Ex-Flash developer who had moved into Scala and was enthralled by Functional Programming, but wanted to do more with it than build microservices.

Would it be possible to build games in Scala like I used to do in my Flash days, but with all the benefits of functional programming?

Four years later, Indigo was released and I am working on it as hard as ever.

It is (for now?) a unique programming experience for Scala developers, and the people who have tried it describe it as satisfying and fun! The engine is designed to keep the barrier to entry low so that you can focus on building your game. At the same time, Indigo encourages pure functional programming practices and principles that result in code that you can easily test and reason about.

The best part about building Indigo so far has been seeing what other people are making with it. A small but growing cohort of game dev tinkerers, daring to use Scala to build things that are cool and fun and make people smile.

Why should I sponsor Indigo?

Building a game engine on your own is a massive task. I’m doing it in my spare time out of sheer stubbornness and personal enjoyment. Truth be told, even if nobody else cared I’d find it very difficult not to work on it.

I’d like to be able to either pay people to help or perhaps even to fund a block of full time work in order to speed up Indigo’s development. There are also minor running costs associated with Indigo that it would be nice not to worry about.

As such, any and all sponsorships at any level are very gratefully received.

I’m currently not planning to offer any fancy stuff for different sponsorship tiers as that would be somewhat self-defeating. Maybe later if enough people are interested!

At the moment, you’d be funding Indigo’s future development and any and all funds would either go straight into that, or to pay for things to support Indigo’s little community.

Can I contribute to Indigo in other ways?

Yes! I am absolutely delighted for people to get involved in any way they like.

The best way to help is just to go and build something. A classic arcade game perhaps? This could lead to any number of things from bug reports and feature requests, to better documentation when you find something confusing, or even to you contributing to the code base to make Indigo better!

Have a go, and if you get stuck, come and say hello on DiscordGithub Discussions or Gitter and I’ll do my best to help you!

Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and whether you decide to sponsor the project or not, I hope that you will try Indigo out and show me what you build - even if you think it’s a bit rough around the edges. I really enjoy seeing them all!


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