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is creating Indigo, a game engine for Scala functional programmers

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Programming games by hand used to be fun, didn't it?

It's the early 90's and you're staring at the bright fuzzy pixels dancing across the screen of your CRT monitor in a darkened back room. Hacking away in assembly, you're sure that this will be the next hit game to take the floppy disk shareware market by storm.

Indigo's purpose is to bring the nostalgic dream of a solo developer programming a game from scratch, up to date ...albeit with some very minor modern tweaks: Such as a MacBook Pro, a 4k monitor, massive processing power, enormous amounts of memory, garbage collection, free mass audience reach over the internet and mobile devices, and a strongly typed functional programming language!

Indigo is a unique programming experience for Scala developers offering fast, gratifying, visual feedback. It might just possibly be the most fun way to play with Scala.

The engine is designed to keep the barrier to entry low so that you can focus on building your game. At the same time, Indigo encourages good functional programming practices and principles that result in code you can easily test and reason about.

If you have discovered Indigo and are enjoying using it, please consider sponsoring the project to keep the developers sufficiently caffeinated ahead of the next release.

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