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Airlcana Art Gallery

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The Art will grant access to:
  • Voting Rights for the Community Artwork
  • Polls deciding which art to use in the finished Light Novels
  • The Expanded Manuscript Backlog with even more chapters from Flawed Connections
  • The Complete Art Gallery with all Illustrations

Art can be an intimidating beast.
Who dares to wield such power, and lives to tell the tale?

Airlcana Manuscript Backlog

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The Manuscript Backlog includes:
  • The Complete Manuscript Backlog, with every chapter of Flawed Connections
  • The Expanded Art Gallery with even more illustrations

A blank page is a scary thing.
It's rather calming to be 'just' a reader every once in a while.

Airlcana Light Novel

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The Light Novel spans:
  • Everything from the Airlcana Art Gallery Tier
  • Everything from the Airlcana Manuscript Backlog Tier
  • Read 1 Chapter ahead in Flawed Connections
  • A free digital copy of every Light Novel I'll publish, even non-Patreon series

Some writing is complemented by art.
Don't look down on a book just because it managed to exist in harmony with visual stimulation.




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The Airlcana is delighted to find you here.

On this page, you can expect all things Light Novels and Illustrations for said books, in a multitude of genres.
No matter if you are a visitor or a patron, no matter how much you pledge to the Airlcana, this post will answer all your questions:

In it, you will find the FREE STUFF, the EXPANDED TIERS and the legendary FULL ACCESS to everything there is to my world.
I would be delighted if you joined me on this journey.
We will visit many places and we will get to meet many people.
The time is ripe.

Are you ready to join the Airlcana?
$43.59 of $52.64 per month
Sketchbooks & Pencils.

A small explanation:
Only half of any money I make on this page will go towards my writing. The other half will (hopefully) make my dream of a full-time writer possible.

Now I can stop drawing awful sketches in my notepads and dedicate whole sketchbooks to my illustrations.
Most of them also start on paper, and I thank you for allowing me this liberty.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 163 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 163 exclusive posts

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