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Get 20% off on any purchase on XTory - Artisan Jewelry inspired on tiles patterns .

One of my biggest passions and art is the art of gathering History in a piece of jewelry that you can take anywhere and make an impact.

Thank you for your support and I'm sure you share the same passion and have spent a nice vacation with those specific tiles as a photo background, I see ;)

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Oh my thank you!
You're a great person!

And because of that let me send you a different picture every month of a specific corner of Portugal, never posted elsewhere, since the theme about my jewelry is connected to this beautiful top rated travel country and where I get my inspiration from.

- High quality pictures and not seen on any of my other platforms

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Oh my thank you!
You're an amazing pal!

You deserve to get a REAL reward!

What you'll get:

- A pair of earrings directly from me.

- Example of design shown

- A different pair EVERY MONTH in your mailbox 

- High quality materials and finishing

- Packed ready to be gifted

- Shipping included (non traceable)

- Worldwide shipping :)

About Inês Lamy

Great you're here! :)

For many years now, I have found myself inexorably drawn to the world of jewelry design.
I'm a Portuguese Designer, living in Paris and I got together the artisan craftsmanship from Portugal roots and the fine art of Paris surroundings and artists.

Long before I launched my brands XTory, Kortici and MonJoliBois four years ago, I would imagine new design concepts and analyze the jewelry choices that other people were making. It was all fascinating to me, and when I discovered my entrepreneurial vein, it seemed unavoidable that I would go into business for myself.

The time that I have spent selling my original jewelry has been deeply fulfilling, and I am ready to continue to grow and give even more people an opportunity to express themselves through my creations.

When you put on a unique piece of jewelry or accessory, you make a statement to the world about yourself. The difference that the right jewelry is striking.
We notice these details about one another, picking up on the fine choices that we all make and then extrapolating our interpretations of those choices to try to understand who we are.

Yes, jewelry is a big deal! And a statement of what e really are inside!

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