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Hi! Thank you so much for checking out our Patreon page and supporting us!

What is this podcast anyway, and why should I care?

Our premise is that we watch or listen to the pop culture that I (Jen) missed from 1994-1996. Why did I miss the pop culture from those years, you ask? Well, I had some issues, and was sent away from home at age 16 (listen to our intro episode for more context!) for two years. I lived at a "therapeutic boarding school" in The Middle of Nowhere, Montana, where I was removed from the outside world.

The experience of being in Montana is a part of my life that I am and will always be processing and dealing with. I have been looking for a way to share this strange Montana story for a long time, and when this idea came to us it felt like a great way to do that, and to check out the stuff I missed while I was away. Missing two years of pop culture from the ages of 16-18 was significant. I missed some things that were part of what shaped my generation. And as we say in our intro episode, this podcast is a fun way of acknowledging Jen's time in Montana without it being too dark.

Micah, my partner, is the co-host on the show. We are both creative people, and doing a creative project together is a special experience for us. Also, we were DJs together in college, where we met, so doing a podcast feels like some sort of full circle. Isn't that sweet? Yes. It is.

Why are we asking for money?

For one thing, our podcast will get better and more enjoyable to listen to if we can buy new equipment and sound editing software! 

But also, it turns out that making a podcast, and more importantly, making a good podcast takes a lot of time and work, and in order for us to continue putting in this kind of time and work, we need your help. It is really important to us that we produce a good product. Right now Jen is spending 10-15 hours working on this, which is not sustainable for us without some financial assistance. If you believe in what we're doing and want to help us continue, please consider pledging $2 or more per month. Think about it this way. We release an episode each week, which means if you pledge $2 a month, you are paying approximately $.50 per episode. $10 a month would be $2.50 per episode, and so on. In other words, significantly less than you would pay for other forms of entertainment. 

It's awkward to ask people for money. I hate it actually. Eventually we hope to have advertisers and we won't have to ask for money anymore. But unfortunately this is the reality for a lot of creators. Since podcasts are available for free people don't think they're worth paying for. We hope you disagree. 

Thank you so much. Really, we can't thank you enough. Thank you thank you thank you.

See you in the '90s,

Jen and Micah
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Please help us reach our first goal, which is to get to 50 patrons! Once we reach 50, we will open up a tattoo designing contest for jen! 
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